Sunday, June 19, 2011

Here are 5 reasons why we think Miss USA 2011 is a special one!

#1 The Diamond Anniversary
Turning 60 is not something that happens everyday in your life. The Diamond Anniversary of Miss USA marks this pageant as one of the oldest surviving national pageants in the world. It is also a showcase of the people behind the pageant, whose hard work and dedication, has been an important factor to the consistent growth, improvement, and survival of this pageant.

#2 The Big Reunion
Another beautiful thing that happens this year. The Reunion of former Miss USA winners. it is so nice to see them all, especially the ones from earlier years. Truly a moment to watch and talk about.

#3 The Format Change
We are excited, and nervous, to watch the final night, which is promised to be new and different. Not only the pageant makes change in the elimination format, it will also feature a reality show atmosphere with suspense music and interactive features like the SMS / online vote to pick a semifinalist and the "Fan Voting Meter" where the viewers can score the contestants from their home. Whether it's a good change or not, only time will tell.

#4 The Blondes, The Brunettes, and One More!
Normally it's a battle between blondes and brunettes. But there is an extra addition this year ... the red-haired. Yes, it's Alyssa Campanella and her burning hair whose beauty and charm has took the world with storms. With a new party in the race, it's going to be much more exciting to see which color is the best this year. Golden blond, dark brunette, or ... the fiery red one?

#5 The Q&A Round
MUO President Paula Shugart has promised that Miss USA finalists this year will face some of even more challenging questions such as "Is the evolution theory should be taught to students at school?" With the difficulty of the questions raised, we can expect to see a lot of "dumb answer" moments in the final night.
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