Sunday, June 19, 2011

In less than 4 hours before we find out the new Miss USA, here is the Final Leaderboard of Miss USA 2011. One thing for certain, it is very difficult to pick one winner from these competitive batch. But after assessing the girls from their time in quarantine, especially during the decisive preliminary competition on Wednesday, we finally come up with our final list of frontrunners. This final list is a bit different from the previous ones, and will enlist 16 names, following the format change for the final tomorrow.

The Leaderboard

1 California
2 South Carolina
3 Florida
4 Texas
5 Maryland
6 Michigan
7 Massachusetts
8 Tennessee
9 Georgia
10 Arizona
11 Virginia
12 Indiana
13 District of Columbia
14 Hawaii
15 Connecticut
16 Utah

Despite her almost falling accident during the evening gown round, California still maintains her lead. At this moment, she is certainly the one to beat. She is the fave of the bookies, the global voters at and also our Leaderboard team. However the gap between her and her closest competitors is now getting much closer. In fact we won't be too surprised if any of South Carolina, Florida, Texas, or Maryland sneaks from behind to steal the crown from Campanella.

So that's it ... the Final Leaderboard. We would like to thank Fikriblast, November Rain, Yoppie Kurniawan, Zephend, and Ardy Kusuma who all have been involved in Miss USA 2011 Leaderboard team. You all have made a great choice guys!

Now it's time to wait and see if Campanella ends up being the winner like everyone has expected. It is just less than 24 hours again. Stay tuned!
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