Tuesday, June 28, 2011

By Dyra Agus Prasetyo

1. Would you tell a lil bit bout your self?
I am an eighteen year old girl who just graduated number eight in her class. I have been in dance and gymnastics for sixteen years and cheerleading for five. Next year, I will be attending Baylor University where I will be continuing my love of cheerleading as a Baylor Bear spirit squad member! I love adventures and a challenge. I collect quotes and one of my favorites is from Coco Chanel: "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." I feel as if everyone has the chance to make a difference in the world; so that is my goal.

2. Why did you take apart in Miss Texas Teen USA? Does it bring a better life opportunity for you?
I have competed in a few pageants before; however not one with swimsuit or as prestigious as Miss Texas Teen USA. I always watched the USA pageant system on TV since I was a little girl and I knew someday I wanted to try it. So I thought why not. I worked hard, performed at my best potential and came home not only as the swimsuit winner but as Miss Texas Teen USA 2011 which has definitely brought me better life opportunities.

3. Which one serves more in you life, your education, experiences, or you title?
I have worked towards my education for the past eighteen years of my life. After receiving my high school diploma and graduating number eight out of four hundred and six students I can definitely say education is one of the most important lessons in life that can't be taken away from me. However, the experiences from my title are irreplaceable as I have learned such important and valuable lessons that I will cherish forever.

4. How's your preparation to Miss Teen USA?
Hard work! I am almost ready to be walking the stage at Miss Teen USA! I have picked out my competition wardrobe, met with my fabulous sponsors, and I've been taking my workout and healthy eating seriously! I can't wait for this hard work and dedication to pay off!

5. Could you tell us about being a teenager in Texas?
I feel as if being a teenager in Texas has allowed me to grown as an all around person. Texas has so much to offer, whether it's the mix of culture or the un predicting weather the amount of possibilities are endless as it is evident Texas is one states to watch out for!

6. What is the trend in your state that still influences you today?
One of the biggest trends in Texas is our Motto: Don't mess with Texas. We take pride in all we do knowing we have a lot to offer which instills the importance of giving everything I do my all. We are a big state with a friendly and helping heart.

7. According to you, what is the biggest contribution that all Teenagers can do to develop their country / environment ?
Everything begins with one person taking a step in the right direction. Every teenager needs to individually take part in being the change. If one starts many will follow.

8. Who is your idol? Do you believe that today's superstars a suitable as a good role models for every teen?
I cannot speak for everyone but a superstar I believe is a good role model would definitely be Taylor Swift. I like the choices she makes and I feel as if her personality and style is very similar to mine which makes it easy to consider her a positive influence.

9. If you had a day, that you could do anything that you want freely, what would you do?
A day full of adventures most likely spent at the beach! I love the sun and I've always wanted to bungee jump and sky dive. Then I'd just hangout on wave runners and scuba diving! I love the outdoors so this would definitely be how I spend my day!

10. The last one, do you think your self as the citizen of your state, your country or the world?
All of the above. I believe in order to be a citizen of world you have to first start with your state. As a citizen you have certain obligations to uphold and I believe this should be respected by everyone!

Special thanks to Danielle herself and her state director Melodie Smith for giving a chance for us to do this interview. Good luck to Danielle for Miss Teen USA 2011! Wish you the best!

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  1. the girl sounds like a total bitch and shallow. She look like she escaped from a high school teen movie, where she plays a mean girl.


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