Thursday, June 9, 2011

Like its sister pageant Miss Universe, modern-day Miss USA is associated with the word “glam”. The “glam” atmosphere is not only applied for the production number of the final night, but also in the theme selection for its official photo shoot theme, now dubbed as the glam shoot. Ever since world renowned photographer Fadil Berisha took charge for Miss USA official photo shoot, the result has evolved from ordinary profile shoot to an elevated glamorous model shoot. This section is a special highlight on Miss USA glam shoot from recent years, starting from ….

The photo shoot is done with a unique background, where the girls were shot in front of a curtain of metal beads to give a more dramatic effect. The movement of the beads curtain also gives a more dynamic feeling to the overall atmosphere of the picture.

This year the theme is classic Hollywood stars. The girls were transformed into the fame-seeking starlets of the 50’s era with fur, velvet gloves, and veiled hat as the main accessories.

Perhaps this is the most controversial Miss USA photo shoot ever. “Sexy in Vegas” was done with the girls wear nothing but lingerie only. And the setting could not be more provocative again, a bed. A bed, lingerie, and some of the most alluring girls in the world – there is only one word to describe the combination of these things – “sexy”.

After 2 years in row the shoot was done in black and white, this year the glam shoot is back to multicolor world. Bright colors like red, yellow, and green become the main selection for the girls gowns. The theme this year is “Haute Couture” where the girls are shot in the most possible high fashion way.

So those are some of the recent years glam shoot of Miss USA. They are all definitely glam, but if you have to choose one as your fave, which one will you choose .. the 2008, 2009, 2010, or 2011?
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