Monday, June 6, 2011

By Ardy Kusuma / Ardyvanviesta

We all know that in Miss Universe, we have one of the most exciting part : The Evening Gown

Elegance, beautiful yet classy gown often used on the stage, but some of the girls have used such bizarre gowns, some of them are risk taker, will the judges love it or hate it? And in some cases, you can call them "dress to kill" because those bizarre gowns indeed kills the girls' chance at victory!

Here are some of those bizarre and risk taker gown, which one do you think is the most risk taker?

Slovenia 2002

Japan 2005

Hungary 2009

Slovak Republic 2007

China 2010

Singapore 2006

Slovak Republic 2009

Czech Republic 2005

France 2005

Bizarre enough? That's not all Guys! Check out the special "Bizarre Gown" section at our brand new forum where you can see more bizarre gowns gallery or post and share the one of your own! CU there!
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  1. slovak republik 2 kali bikin gaun jelek,..france yg negara mode kok bisa2nya bawa gaun begitu ke MU ya?

  2. Singapore 2006 EG nya ampun dah.. Hemm.. Y france parah bgt, negara fashion terbaik kok bisa2nya sampek bikin EG seburuk itu.. #Maaf :)

  3. belgium 2011 gak masuk, ???? hhhahaha


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