Monday, June 13, 2011

By Dyra Agus Prasetyo

Maryland well known as the Old Line State, the Free State, and the Chesapeake Bay State located in the Mid Atlantic Ocean of the Southern U.S. It also The 7th State to ratify the United States Constitution. The Miss Maryland USA competition is the pageant that selects the representative for the state in the Miss USA pageant. and right now, We got an opportunity to meet the one of American's Fave to win USA's crown this Summer.

Here she is, Allyn Rose, the Reigning Miss Maryland USA

1. Could you tell us a lil bit about yourself?
My friends always describe me as “Type-A squared.” I am the ultimate energizer bunny – I always want to have the opportunity to experience and succeed at as many things as possible. To do that, I have to “keep going…and going.” I always say that I’m a walking contradiction. I was raised in a 200-year-old Colonial home in rural southern Maryland that I helped my parents renovate from the ground up. Not only can I strut my stuff in a bikini with the best of em’, I can patch your roof and fix your drywall too! I’ve been on a reality TV show, played guitar in a punk rock band, worked on Capitol Hill, played college volleyball and now have the pleasure of representing Maryland at Miss USA! My life has been an incredible journey and it’s not over yet! I’d also say that I have a pretty cunning sense of humor. I like to makes jokes and play pranks. My “shtick” is in exaggeration. I tell completely outlandish stories to friends and acquaintances to see if they will believe me; the more peculiar, the better. One time, I was in a clothing store with my brother in NYC and convinced the sales clerk that I was a famous record executive and I was prepping my new client, (my brother) for an interview with a rap mogul. The stories are endless.

2. I heard that you would like to be a lawyer, why?
I’m incredibly passionate about the American legal system – it’s the glue that holds our great country together. More than half of our Founding Fathers were lawyers and I admire the great minds that helped shape our nation. As a lawyer, you can evoke real change in the world around you and one day I hope to help defend our Constitution as a Constitutional attorney!

3. Can you describe to us about Maryland?
Maryland is honestly the best state that I have ever been too, and I’ve visited almost every single one of them! It is really the only state where you are a half hour away from everything you could ever dream of doing – going to the beach, visiting national landmarks, seeing rural agriculture, visiting the Nation’s Capital, partying in the city, shopping some of the best malls – the list goes on and on! Maryland is also incredibly diverse and culturally rich and I am proud to call myself and Marylander!

4 .Why were you interested to participate in Miss Maryland USA Pageant?
The Miss Universe Organization is an incredible program. It offers so many opportunities that empower women and help them accomplish their goals. I was interested in competing in Miss Maryland USA because I wanted to make a difference in my community, explore the opportunities the organization affords you and hone the talents I’ve been blessed with. Growing up, I never thought that I was the type of girl that would ever be able to compete at an event like Miss USA. It truly showcases the most intelligent and beautiful women from across the United States and I feel honored that I am among them.

5. In your point of you, how should a Miss USA be ?
Miss USA is not only an icon of beauty or a role model, she’s representative of the resiliency of the American woman.

6. In some countries, a woman isnt allowed wearing swimsuit in a public, Do you think the swimsuit round is derogatory to women?
I believe the opposite. The swimsuit round of the Miss USA/Universe pageant(s) empower women. It gives the participants the opportunity to showcase their health, fitness and the beauty of the female form.

7. If you are given a dollar , what would you do with it?
I’d break it into four quarters and spend it at the quarter machines in the grocery store. I’m a sucker for cheesy toys.

8. What is the craziest thing that ever happened in your life?
Competing for the title of Miss USA! I was a huge tomboy growing up – I was raised in a house with 3 boys, was on 5 sports teams in high school, played in a punk rock band and wore thrift store t-shirts and boys jeans, haha. Now I am strutting my stuff in a gorgeous ball gown on a stage in front of 7 million people!

9. If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would you chose and why?
Vogue – It’s classic and timeless. Vogue is the epitome of class, elegance and relevance. It is cutting edge, but maintains a sense of regality.

10. The Last one, the world seems to be smaller, do you think of yourself first as the citizen of Maryland, USA, or the world?
I consider myself a citizen of them all equally. I am proud to be a Marylander, I am proud to be a U.S. citizen and I am proud to be a citizen of the World. And I hope to represent them all this year as Miss Maryland USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe! ;)

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