Saturday, June 18, 2011

By November Rain, Yoppie Kurniawan, Zephend, Zefozie, Ardi Kusuma, Dyra Agus Prasetyo, and Ayus Wijaya

After watching both the LIVE streaming and recorded version of Miss USA 2011 preliminary, our "expert" members finally make their choice for The Best and The Worst of Miss USA 2011 evening gown preliminary. Check out all the choice here and compare with your very own version. Is your choice the same as ours?

Best in Evening Gown


This Penelope Cruz look alike strikes the runway like a storm. Looking absolutely fierce in that silvery metallic gown, Lisette displays a superior and sexy catwalk that should help her to penetrate the Top 16.


White is perhaps one of the most suggested color for an evening gown in pageant, and it works really well for Alida. She looks so radiant and lovely in that beautiful white gown that fits her perfectly. Having a beautiful face is also an extra score for her.


Just take a look at the picture above and you must agree with us - Channing Pierce looks fierce in the gown. Two of our "expert" members even comment her with one word "wow". It is, perhaps, the best word to describe evening gown performance, where she gets the perfect attitude and plays her gown really well. Her only downfall is her swimsuit performance, which is not as strong as her evening gown performance.

South Carolina

If there is a Miss Elegance award in Miss USA, Cortney would easily bag it. She takes the runway with confidence, poise, and grace as if she is a famous Hollywood actress walks in the Oscar Red Carpet.


Simply chic and elegant. While Ashley is not the best walker in the bunch, she has an aura of freshness that makes her a stand out in the night. Her choice of gown is a bit risky but she manages to work it really well.

Worst in Evening Gown


She tries too hard to become the second coming of Venus Raj. The problem? She fails to play the flowy gown the way Venus did. The result? She looks incredibly nervous and her catwalk looks incredibly weird.


There is maybe a reason why Delaware curse exists. Their delegates are never strong enough to make the cut. This year, she is even one of the worst walker in the bunch. Wearing that unattractive pale blue gown, she is almost negligible in the sea of far more beautiful delegates and gowns.


Have you read our article about "Dress to Kill"? Well this gown is one step closer behind those bizarre gowns. Only someone who wants to kill her chance for semifinal will wear this kind of gown. One of the biggest joke of the night.

New Hampshire

Her gown is actually alright, but her presentation is totally flat and boring. She is armed with one beautiful gown but she fails to make the best of it.


From unflattering gown to ugly hairstyle ... everything goes wrong for Ohio. She looks like a cheerleader trying to become a Prom Queen rather than a glam supermodel type that the judges prefer these days.

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