Saturday, June 18, 2011

By November Rain, Yoppie Kurniawan, Zephend, Zefozie, Ardi Kusuma, Dyra Agus Prasetyo, and Ayus Wijaya

After watching both the LIVE streaming and recorded version of Miss USA 2011 preliminary, our "expert" members finally make their choice for The Best and The Worst of Miss USA 2011 swimsuit preliminary. Check out all the choice here and compare with your very own version. Is your choice the same as ours?

Best in Swimsuit


She's back! After accidentally steps on her own gown and almost loses her composure in evening gown, mega fave Campanella sweeps the swimsuit round with a bomb. This red-haired bombshell certainly has the body for swimsuit, with such great waist and body tone, and she knows how to utilize it. Amazing!


If a human body can talk, perhaps Lisette's body would say "Look at me, b*tches!" and that's for a very good reason. With such hot body and energetic catwalk, Florida makes us totally floored.
In fact, only a few girls who actually perform really well in both rounds, and Lisette is one of them.


Another girl who knows how to walk in swimsuit. You must have a certain attitude to walk in swimsuit - confident, sexy, energetic, alluring - but not too hoochy at the same time. This blonde nails that attitude perfectly!


Texas is tall and tan with nice abs and a pair of long slender legs. With such a perfect feature as her weapons, it is no wonder if Ana passes the swimsuit round with a flying color!

Worst in Swimsuit


While her body is actually not one of the worst in the bunch, it was her presentation that turns us off. After a trouble with her tricky gown earlier, Alaska fails to redeem herself in this round and comes up with a very boring performance and no improvisation at all.


Her figure is just not at the same level with those Goddess above. It is not toned and not in the best shape for swimsuit competition. And her walk is not too special or memorable either. A very weak performance overall and we don't think Delaware can break its curse this year.


She seems too skinny and unhealthy from some angles, which is a cardinal sin in swimsuit competition. One of our member even consider her swimsuit performance as the worst of all 51 contestants. Her body is not flattering. Her walk is weak. Everything is just so wrong for her.


This girl just doesn't have the "wow" factor. Even if her body shape is better than Delaware or Montana, she still does not impress us by much. Last time she looked like a Prom Queen wannabe in gown, this time she looks like a plain soccer mom.

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