Thursday, June 23, 2011

By Dyra Agus Prasetyo

1. The Final 2 girls standing in the final night are best friends Tennessee and California, a blonde and a red-haired. It also happened at Miss Teen USA 2005, with a blonde and a red-haired as the Top 2, but that time the blonde is the winner.

2. South Carolina was wearing a gown and a hairstyle which strikingly very similar to the one worn by former Miss USA and commentator of the night, Susie Castillo.

3. For two years in a row, a former Miss Teen USA 2006 delegates becoming 1st Runner Up.

4. For the first time in a history, two former Miss New Jersey Teen USA compete against each other at Miss USA. They were Alyssa Campanella (Miss New Jersey teen USA 2007) and Julianna White (Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2006). However both of them have competed against each other once before during Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2006. That time Alyssa was only the Top 15 while Julianna won. This time, Alyssa is the big winner while Julianna does not even place in Top 16.

5. During preliminary evening gown, Alabama suddenly touch her breast, do you know why?

6. The male MC misspoke the Miss Universe’s name as "Simena Navaret" just like we heard at Puteri Indonesia Pageant. it should have been pronounced as "Jimena" rather than "Simena".

7. California's Queen opposite fate : Miss California USA 1998 Shauna Gambill was the winner of Miss Teen USA 1994 but was only 1st Runner Up at Miss USA 1998. On the other hand Miss California USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella was only 1st Runner Up at Miss Teen USA 2007 but later she became Miss USA 2011.

8. Two contestants were replaced by their 1st Runner Up this year. There were Maine and Wisconsin.

9. The Longest returning Miss Universe Organization pageant delegate is Ashley Lynn Marble. She was Miss Maine Teen USA 2000. After 11 years she’s finally back to USA pageant system.

10. It seems the telecast judges keep disagreeing with the fans. The highest fan vote scored contestant in every phase of elimination round on the final night always failed to continue next cut.

11. Miss USA 2011 = Miss Earth Elimination Format +, American Idol Elimination Announcements + Miss America Crowning Moment and Opening Number.
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