Thursday, June 16, 2011

Perhaps you will feel a pageant is great when everything goes according to your wish. From the opening number to the coronation. From the semifinalists to the winner, everything is just like what you want. And it's not sin to have a wish. Therefore we ask some of our members, what are their wish for Miss USA 2011? And here are some of their wishes for Miss USA 2011!

Wish #1 : Delaware breaks the infamous curse and land in Miss USA semifinal round for the first time ever.

Wish #2 : One of the finalist will have a dumb answer and repeat Caite Upton's "blonde moment" during Final Question round.

Wish #3 : Top 15 compete in evening gown while Top 10 compete in swimsuit.

Wish #4 : The score from each judges is shown and not just the average score from all judges.

Wish #5 : Each of the 4 major ethnic groups in USA (Caucasian, African American, Asian American, and Hispanic) will have at least one representative in the semifinal round.

Wish #6 : One of the finalist's bikini falls down during the swimsuit catwalk round.

Wish #7 : Colorado, who is homeless and can compete only because she is supported by a designer, place in the semifinal round.

Wish #8 : The crown will fall down during the coronation moment .... and breaks LOL!

So that is the wishlist of IP members. How about youself? What is your wish for Miss USA 2011?
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  1. OMG... kita ternyata punya harapan yang jahat... ga jauh beda ama tokoh tokoh antagonis di sinetron!!! ^^


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