Friday, June 10, 2011

Miss USA is and will always be an important factor in determining the contenders for Miss Universe crown. As its sister pageant, Miss USA is politically a force to reckon and will surely make a placement at Miss Universe. Therefore, predicting a winner for Miss USA is always exciting because whoever wins will likely make the cut in Miss Universe as well. The first Leaderboard for Miss USA 2011 is based on their official photos as well as their candid pics from the first days of the quarantine. And here are our fave for the moment …

The Leaderboard
1 California
2 Indiana
3 Connecticut
4 Maryland
5 South Carolina
6 Hawaii
7 Illinois
8 Arizona
9 Florida
10 Texas
11 Massachusetts
12 Michigan
13 Tennessee
14 Utah
15 Georgia

Like many of you, our top fave for the moment is no other than the mega fave, stunning red-haired beauty, California. Will she maintain her lead in our second Leaderboard? Stay tuned
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