Friday, December 2, 2011

The judges of Miss Earth has declared Japan as the official Best National Costume winner for this year edition. But it does not stop us from picking our own version of national costume faves from Miss Earth 2011. And in no particular order, here they are our Top 5 fave national costume from Miss Earth 2011!

The first of our fave is no other than official choice for Best National Costume award herself. Some people may find (and complain) that her costume too simple and that there are a lot of more grandiose costumes that deserve to win this award more. Yes it is simple but it does not mean it does not deserve to win. To her credit, her costume is still attractive albeit the rather simple design. Especially with that huge gold and red obi ribbon that would steal people attention. Furthermore, the judges seem to score in this category based on, not only the costume design itself, but also the overall presentation of the delegate. And judging from the motion pics of her presentation, she indeed has done a hell of a job!

On the opposite of Japan, Mexico brings an attention to her costume with the grandiose extravagant Aztec Goddess design. The design of this costume alone is more than enough to catch people attention but what we like more from this costumes is the choice of the color. Green is the color of the nature and a perfect match for the Miss Earth theme.

Another "green" costume tough this time it is not in all green but rather in an outburst of colors. The best part of this costume is obviously its multicolor depiction of Ecuadorian rain forest painted in the costume. It serves two purposes at once, as a beautiful accent for the costume and as reminder to all people in the world about the importance of rain forest.

We simply love the headdress and the motifs of this unique cultural number of Filipino national costume. Maria Clara gown is totally beautiful but after a hundred times worn as Filipino national costume in international pageants, it gets boring. This costume is a refreshing alternates for the Maria Clara gown and it works just as well to capture the interest of international audience.

And last but certainly not least ... Panama. This albino peacock costume is simply amazing in all aspects. Normally a peacock themed costume always comes in colorful design but this one stuns us with the complete opposite. Not only its "out-of-the-box" color choice, the design and the detailed accessories of this costume (featuring sparkling glass-like crystals) also deserves a special recognition. If only there are two awards for Best national Costume, we would love to give the second award for Panama.

Photo source : Miss Earth Facebook
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