Friday, December 2, 2011

As per our tradition, a pageant coverage is never complete without a Leaderboard. After 3 weeks long of competition, we finally made our final choice for Miss Earth 2011. Check our choice here and compare with yours ... do you agree with our choice?

The Leaderboard

1. Venezuela
2. India
3. Ukraine
4. Japan
5. Mexico
6. Brazil
7. Sweden
8. Czech Republic
9. Paraguay
10. Puerto Rico
11. Colombia
12. Netherlands
13. Crimea
14. South Africa
15. Chinese Taipei
16. Turkey

This year has been one very lucky year for Venezuela and with a high caliber delegate like Caroline Medina, it is almost a certainty that their lucky streak will continue at Miss Earth. On the other hand, former powerhouse India has not been very lucky lately. But with such a graceful poise and beautiful face, Hasleen Kaur could just be the good luck charm needed by India to turn their luck at international pageant.

Brazil and Czech Republic have historically performed very well at Miss Earth and we expect them to pull their string again this time. Last year Japan made it all the way to Top 7 due to the charisma and strong stage presence of their delegate. This year, with an equally charismatic and even more beautiful contestant, Top 4 placement is no longer a dream for this country. Other contestant who also gains momentum at this point is Mexico. Winning the coveted Best in Long Gown award is also a good sign for her as the winner of this award have always placed at Miss Earth semifinal.

Other favorites in our list include Sweden and Paraguay, both with Grand Slam pageant experience (Sweden is former Miss Universe 2009 Top 15 semifinalists while Paraguay have just returned from competing at Miss World 2011, narrowly missing the Top 15 by a mere 3 points), and some “exotic” names such as Crimea (an Ukrainian autonomous entity whose name is barely heard at international scene) and Chinese Taipei (a country whose existence is disputed by China). Both are represented by a very gorgeous and deserving delegate and the biggest obstacle that could prevent them from entering semifinal is sash and political factor.

With all being said, now what’s left is just waiting for the final tonight. Who will become the first Miss Earth winner from the new decade? Stay tuned!

Thanks to our members Inu Bahsalmasan, Gus Jayawardhana, Donny Christian, Kelinci Bahagia, and November Rain for helping us with the list and Fadly Ulum for the amazing banner design!
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