Saturday, December 3, 2011

After the conclusion of Miss Earth a few minutes ago, we can now reveal two countries who have made a complete and perfect 4 placements at all Big 4 pageants, both are famous as pageant fanatic countries. Out of all countries participating at Big 4 pageants this year, only Venezuela and Philippines who make it at all pageants, thus deserving the title of "The Perfect Four"!

Vanessa Goncalves - Top 16 Miss Universe 2011
Ivian Sarcos - Miss World 2011
Jessica Barboza - First Runner Up Miss International 2011
Caroline Medina - Third Runner Up Miss Earth 2011


Shamcey Supsup - Third Runner Up Miss Universe 2011
Gwendoline Ruais - First Runner Up Miss World 2011
Diane Necio - Top 15 Miss International 2011
Athena Mae Imperial - Second Runner Up Miss Earth 2011

Other countries who are so close to make Perfect Four placement are Brazil, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and Ukraine. Each of them has made 3 out of 4 placements in this year Big 4 pageants.

So who do you think is the best country of 2011? Is it Venezuela? Is it Philippines? Or neither of them? You decide!

Thanks to Nehru Kipiker for compiling the pictures of these Big 4 Queens into one banner!

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