Friday, December 16, 2011

In the previous part, we have brought you on a "behind-the-scene" tour in making the Leaderboard. Now that all sets of score have been added to the Leaderboard, we can finally reveal to you our final Top 15 favorites for Mister International 2011. And this is it, the Final Leaderboard!

The Leaderboard
1. Brazil
2. Sweden
3. Slovenia
4. Czech Republic
5. Slovak Republic
6. Mexico
7. Ireland
8. Norway
9. Spain
10. Denmark
11. Philippines
12. Indonesia
13. Lebanon
14. Venezuela
15. Korea

The final set of score after all scores added to the Leaderboard

Before we talk about the contestants who are among the list, we will mention some other contestants who could potentially pull a surprise tonight. First is home turf Thailand. If only this pageant is not held in Bangkok, we will never consider him because, let's be honest, he is among the cellar-dweller in this batch. Lucky for him, he has the trump card of being the host delegate, so Top 15 is a very likely placement for him. In addition he is also a strong contender for Best National Costume (with a beautiful and lavish rendition of mystical being Kinnara) tough this time he deserves it. Other possible surprises are Portugal, South Africa, and Latvia. We actually love Nigeria as well, but being very late may jeopardize his chance to place.

Moving on the boys who are actually in the list, we will begin with a group of contestants whom we dubbed as the “The Boy Band” (because they share a trait of cuteness that usually belongs to a boy band member). When this competition began, Korea was virtually negligible and was not even on our bubbling up list. But as the day passed, we start to notice something special from him. His cuteness is slightly unconventional and different from the other two Boy Band members as it has a mix of edginess which makes him appealing not only for commercial but also high fashion market. So far Philippines has always been successful every time they send a commercial cute-looking contestant (2006 and 2010) and they repeat that winning formula this year. Philippines is indeed the strongest Asian contestant this year and with Mister International historically tends to favor his kind of look, he should comfortably make the cut. The last of "The Boy Band", Indonesia is the only one without any unique distinction. He does not possess Korea edginess and commercially is not as strong as Philippines. Regardless he has done everything right throughout the competition and should be still a solid contender for at least Top 15 placement.

Out of all Latinas competing this year, traditional powerhouses Venezuela and Mexico are the two who likely will make the cut. Face-wise Venezuela is a major downgrade from his predecessors. His saving grace is obviously his body, one of the best in the competition, which is reflected in the scoring process of our Leaderboard (Venezuela was not in our Top 15 list until the very last minute when the score of Best Body category added and he is suddenly propelled to 14th place). Mexico is a complete package and under other circumstances he should sail smoothly to Top 15 or even Top 5. The problem this time is the circulation of pictures that suggest him being a gay and that may not sit well with a panel of conservative minded judges. Personally we think a contestant sexual orientation should not be considered as a factor in judging. Hopefully the judges will share the same open mind view as us and score Mexico fairly.

The strongest region of the year, Europe dominates with 9 names on the final list, including 4 names on Top 5. From the north to the south, from the west to the east, the old continent treats us with a lot of promising candidates this time. On the north, the tall, charming, and elegant Norway is a true epitome of classic European beauty. On the east, Slovak Republic maybe petite compared to his fellow competitors, but he makes for that with one of the most handsome face in the competition and a great physique. On the west, Ireland reminds us to a hero from an action movie, a handsome and athletic man with a wild bad boy persona. Lastly, on the south, Spain could very well be the next model for Abercrombie & Fitch campaign. Being build and good looking, he totally fits for that role.

Finally it is time to address the top of the top pack of our Leaderboard. It is interesting to note that the Top 3 of our Leaderboard is composed by the contestants whom each voted as the best in our 3 special award categories. And indeed each of them excels in a specific category. Slovenia strong point is his face. He is a true modern day Adonis, a pure and perfect beauty with almost no facial flaw. Sweden strong point is his strong masculine persona. With a very strong facial structure, buffed body, and manly charisma he is a symbol of a true gentleman. Brazil strong point is his toned, build, and exotic tan body. Being a half Asian also helps him to stand out in the crowd with his distinct (and gorgeous) half Brazilian half Asian look. It is totally not easy to pick one of them as the winner. But after all scores tallied, the top spot of this Leaderboard belongs to Brazil who has the most balanced quality of face, body, and charisma, and therefore should make a great Mister International winner.

With all being said, it is time to wait before the new Mister International chosen tonight. Good luck to all contestants, their supporters, and their national directors! May the best man win!

Special thanks to Yutha Diantra for the terrific banner!
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