Saturday, December 24, 2011

7 things that you may, or may not, know about Miss Tourism Queen International through its first 7 years.

Top 5 winners of 2009 edition

• Since its inception in 2004, the crown of Miss Tourism Queen International has been dominated by European winners. The old continent has won the title 3 times, followed by Asia with 2 winners and South America with 1 winner.

• In the short history of Miss Tourism Queen International, Russia has emerged as a powerhouse with 2 victories in 2007 and 2009. Interestingly, tough it has won the crown twice, Russia has never won any of the special awards, which is odd considering the abundant number of awards handed out in each edition of this pageant.

• The country with the most placements at Miss Tourism Queen International is no other than the home turf China with a total of 5 placements, 4 of which are Top 5 placements. it is followed by another Asian country, Thailand with a total of 4 placements, 2 of which are Top 5 placements. However, neither of them has ever won the crown and their highest placement in this pageant so far is only as the First Runner Up (China in 2005 and Thailand in 2007).

• The home country China is also the country with the most award winnings in this pageant with 5 awards so far. In the Runner Up position is a tied between 5 countries who has won 3 awards each. These countries are Australia, Brazil, Cuba, India, Singapore.

• Venezuela magic apparently does not work very well at Miss Tourism Queen International. So far this powerhouse country has only placed once in 2005 and it has not reached a Top 5 placement yet, a very low achievement compared to its big success at other international pageants.

• The Disco Queen special award (an award given to the best dancer among the contestants) is perhaps a good luck charm for its winners. Out of 6 winners of this award, 4 placed in the final with 1 being a Fourth Runner Up, 1 being a Second Runner Up, and 1 being the winner.

• Two out of 6 Miss Tourism Queen International titleholders were contestants who have participated in other pageants before. The 2008 winner Silvia Cornejo from Peru was a Miss World 2006 contestant while the 2009 winner Yekaterina Grushanina from Russia was a Miss International 2008 contestant. Both were unplaced at their pageants but emerged victorious at Miss Tourism Queen International. Well it's just like the old proverb says "one man's trash is another man's treasure".
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