Saturday, December 10, 2011

Compiled by Niki Hutomo, Yoppie Kurniawan, and various other IP members

Wearing the same gown like someone else is, perhaps, one of the cardinal sin in pageant or other entertainment related event. Regardless it still happens here, there, anywhere! Check out this gallery full of "starlets in the same gown" accident and decide for yourself which one wore the disputed gown better!

Case #1 Sun Lee vs Fergie vs Riyo Mori

Case #2 Riyo Mori vs Oprah Winfrey

Case #3 Taylor Swift vs Vera Krasova

Case #4 Zhang Zi Lin vs Ximena Navarette vs Deborah Henry

Case #5 Magdalene Walcott vs Leah Marville

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  1. It is better to use "women" rather than "b*tch". Just suggesting.


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