Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mister International 2011 have finally kicked off earlier this week in the City of Angels, Bangkok. While the number of contestants will likely decrease from last year record, the quality of the contestants is increasing a lot and that makes the task of creating this Leaderboard become more exciting for us. As usual, the first Leaderboard is always based on the pre-arrival pictures of the contestants, so expect more changes in the upcoming Leaderboard. And here they are, our list of faves, based on our first impression of the delegates!

The Leaderboard
1. Brazil
2. Slovenia
3. Sweden
4. Slovak Republic
5. Spain
6. Czech Republic
7. Norway
8. Mexico
9. Philippines
10. Colombia
11. Indonesia
12. South Africa
13. Lebanon
14. Vietnam
15. Thailand

For this first Leaderboard, Brazil leads the list for a couple of reasons. The first and the most important of all is that he is obviously good looking. He also has a lot of modeling experience and speaks 6 languages! Totally beauty and brain in one body! He is hotly contested by the strong group of 3 contestants, all of them, interestingly, are European and started with the letter "S" Slovenia, Sweden, and Slovak Republic. In fact, first placer Brazil and second placer Slovenia is only separated by a mere 1 point by our Leaderboard judges, showing how competitive the contest this year. We also set our eyes for Mexico, Norway, and South Africa, the dark horses who could pull the surprise end up as the big winner on the final night.

Overall European delegates dominate our first Leaderboard and they have a solid chance to bring back the title to European soil. They are followed by the Asian delegates, particularly the South East Asia ones, whom I personally dub as "The Boy Band" as most of them have this cute, youthful, charming vibe usually belongs to a boy band. From this "Boy Band" group the strongest ones are Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam, all of them could easily slip to the semifinal phase. However at this point we don't get any winner vibe yet from this group of "Boy Band" so the highest placement we predict for them now is either Top 10 or Top 15.

So that is our pre-arrival faves for Mister International 2011. As soon as the contestants arrived in Bangkok, we will make a new choice and update our list of faves. Until then stay tuned and don't forget to check out our blogs for updates and news of pageants around the world!

Special thanks to Yutha Diantra for the terrific banner!
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