Friday, December 9, 2011

The first set of award winners have been announced during Mister International 2011 Press Conference at Dream Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand yesterday. The two awards presented were the Mister “Dream Man” award (obviously presented by and named after the venue hotel) and the Mister “Health Man” award. And here they are … the recipients for each award!

Mister Dream Man
Brazil - Cesar Curti

Mister Healthy Man (tied)
COSTA RICA - Erick Martínez
CZECH REPUBLIC - Martin Gardavsky

Congratulations to all winners! While being a winner of an attribute award may not guarantee your placement at the semifinal, it certainly boost your chance to place as it means you are being recognized by the people that count the most - the judges or the committee behind of the pageants. The biggest winner of the event is perhaps Brazil, who has been a huge favorite for some time, and now solidifies his position as a front runner by winning an award. However it is still not the end of the competition yet and there are certainly a lot to come in the upcoming week. Until then … stay tuned!
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