Friday, December 30, 2011

By Ferriyanto Lim

As part of our 2011 End of The Year special memorial, our community will present some special awards for some contestants of the Big Four Pageants (Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss Earth) whom we think is the best in several categories. After going through the selection process and preliminary judging, now we will announce the nominees for our fourth category : Best Face. The nominees are chosen based on their exceptional facial beauty, and here they are the 20 lucky nominees for this category!

2011 Best Face
Costa Rica Universe
Ecuador Earth
Ecuador International
Georgia World
Greece Universe
India Earth
Indonesia International

Ireland World
Lebanon International
Malaysia Universe
Peru Universe
Spain World
Sweden Earth
Ukraine Earth
Ukraine Universe
Ukraine World
Venezuela Earth
Venezuela International
Venezuela World
Vietnam International

So which one of these 20 nominees will win the award as Best Face? Right now the scores from our judges are being tabulated and we will announce the result soon! Stay tuned!

Special thanks to Fadly Ulum for the amazing banner!
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