Friday, September 30, 2011

And it begins! The oldest Grand Slam pageant in the world, Manhunt International, kicked off last Wednesday with the arrivals of the contestants in Korea, where the competition is hosted this year. Check out the arrival pics of these handsome gorgeous guys and other pics from the first few days of the competition, here!

All the contestants photographed together

Okay, now where's the sash? It's so difficult to tell which one is who without the sash, isn't it?

Hanbok time! Delegates from Vietnam, Bolivia, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Indonesia, and Cameroon get to taste the Korean culture

Posing together in front of the hotel

Accidentally or not, most of the guys in this picture is our favorite contestants! Can you guess which ones of them?

Japan looks even cuter while riding this big fluffy tiger plushie

More Hanbok pics! According to the some news, the contestants will wear this array of colorful Hanbok during the opening number of the Final

Watch out Super Junior! Here comes the new generation of K-Pop boyband!

Stay tuned for more coverage of Manhunt International 2011, including the Leaderboard and other reviews!
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  1. LOL.. The next (International-Pop)I-Pop boyband is called Super Senior! ! ! :p

    Band Members:
    from Left;-
    Manhunt Latvia,Manhunt Korea, Manhunt Japan, Manhunt Indonesia + Manhunt Malaysia(Photographer)!!! :p lols

    Nice one Super Seniors! ;)


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