Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So what's up with the Miss Universe 2011 girls in Brazil? Here are a collage of pictures from their journey so far! Enjoy!

Soccer Museum
Brazil is always associated with soccer and that goes for this year Miss Universe edition too. A group of contestants were taken to the Soccer Museum in Sao Paulo to learn the long history of Brazilian soccer which has been an integral part to Brazilian people and Brazilian culture.

The girls at Soccer Museum

Shoes time! But this time it's not high heels ... it's soccer shoes!

Miss Sri Lanka and Miss Nicaragua trying the soccer table game

Miss Haiti in front of the national jersey of Brazilian soccer team

Miss Hungary taking a look at some pictures depicting important moments in Brazilian soccer history

Feeling Brasil! Miss Sri Lanka trying the Brazilian national team cap

Soccer Game

Not only visiting the museum dedicated for the soccer, the girls were also involved in real life soccer experience themselves. A group of 22 contestants were selected for a Miss Universe friendly soccer match in Pacaembu. It was surely a fun event for the girls to do and for us to see!

Let's meet the two teams facing-off in this match ... first one the voracious Green Team

... and then their opponent ... the ferocious Yellow Team

Stretching some muscles and getting ready for the battle!

The Green Team entering the field with a very high spirit

Kick the ball Ladies!

The Yellow Team celebrating their victory over their opponent

Stay tuned to follow the continuity of the girls journey in Brazil!

Photo Source : Belleza Venezolana
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