Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our coverage for manhunt International2011 kicks off with the schedule and list of important events that all the contestant must attend during the 2 weeks competition at Korea. Check out the complete list of events and activities here!

28 September 2011
Arrivals of the contestants from all over the world at Incheon, Korea.

29 September 2011
The contestants will participate in a rehearsal event.

30 September 2011
The contestants will get to taste the Korean cultural experience while visiting Yongmunsa Temple in Yencheon.

1 October 2011
Another day to spend at the city of Yencheon. This time they will visit an archery club and Geumdansil traditional village.

2 October 2011
The contestants will depart for the city of Gangwondo Pyeongchang where they will participate in a rehearsal for Gangnam Fashion Festival.

3 October 2011
It's showtime! After rehearsing all day long it's time for the contestants to show what they got in front of the finale gala audience of Gangnam Fashion Festival.

4 October 2011
The contestants will take parts in filming for official PR video. They will also visit Daejong Film Festival eve rehearsal.

5 October 2011
During the day, the contestants will travel all around the capital city Seoul, visiting the JSA, Doraji observatory, and an unforgettable trip to the underground tunnels. During the night, the contestants will celebrate the Daejong Film Festival, held at Seoul Plaza.

October 2011
More and more tours around Seoul. This time, they will visit Insadong, a district full of stores specialized in a wide variety of Korean cultural goods and traditional crafts, and the palace of Gyeongbokgoong, a royal palace first built in 1394 by the Joseon Dynasty.

7 October 2011
The contestants will Korea tourism organization and experience the Special Warfare Command.

October 2011
One of the most important day in the competition. The contestants will take parts in reeharsal for the final night as well as photo shoot and prejudging to determine which ones of them will go through the final round.

9 October 2011
Manhunt International is not only a competition to hunt the most handsome man in the world, it also promotes some important social and humanitarian causes. In this penultimate day before the final, the contestants will participate at a charity dinner for fund raising for protection of environment held at Haritz Wedding Convention.

10 October 2011
After almost 2 weeks of competition here comes the climax of the competition : the final night. During the event, 16 contestants will be selected as semifinalists, 5 will be selected as finalists, and 1 will be selected as Manhunt International 2011, succeeding Peter Menky from Slovak Republic.

11 October 2011
Departure time ... the contestants will depart and return to their home country.

Okay folks, so that's all your menu for the next 2 weeks of competition. Stay tuned for more coverage of Manhunt International 2011, including our first Leaderboard!
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