Saturday, September 10, 2011

When this journey across the universe began several months ago, our favorites were USA, Kosovo, Albania, China, Panama, Angola, Ukraine, Australia, Switzerland, and Argentina. Now that it almost reaches the finish line, only half of them remain in the list. Like real stars in the galaxy, some of them eventually lost their shines and some newborn stars slowly shine more brightly, replacing the old faded stars. So for the Final Leaderboard, which stars remain in the list? Check out here ...

The Top 16 Leaderboard
1. USA
2. Venezuela
3. China
4. Malaysia
5. Greece
6. Puerto Rico
7. Philippines
8. Peru
9. Brazil
10. Australia
11. Trinidad & Tobago
12. Costa Rica
13. France
14. Netherlands
15. Panama
16. Angola

While the "bubbling up" girls in alphabetical order are Albania, Finland, Indonesia, Kosovo, Mexico, Nicaragua, Switzerland, and Ukraine.

Now let's start to talk about the 6 girls in the lower tier of our Leaderboard. Despite her mediocre performance, Angola is indeed a very beautiful girl and undoubtedly the best from Africa this year. Former front runner Panama gave a decent performance on the preliminary, and the fact that the country will host Miss Universe 2013 should give her some advantage too. Netherlands is the best among the European blondes this year. France has made a great transformation, she was nowhere near our top choice several months ago, but now we are positive that she should be included in Top 16. We love Costa Rica to death, but her choice of preliminary gown made us think twice to put her in higher place. And finally the exotic and sexy Trinidad & Tobago, who performed excellently in both evening gown and swimsuit round.

The next 5 girls in our Leaderboard are dominated by the girls from the super strong "P" group. First we have Puerto Rico, the girl with the best evening gown in the competition, and she rocks that gown too. Then we have Philippines, a perfect example on how charisma is sometimes more important than beauty alone. Also in is Peru, a classic Latina beauty. Two other girls in this group is Australia, a fresh and natural beauty who can easily continue her country streak at Miss Universe, and the host delegate Brazil, whom despite all the controversies and supposedly Diva attitude, is still worthy for at least a Top 10 placement.

And finally here are the top of the top girls in our Leaderboard. Any of these 5 could be easily crowned the next Miss Universe tomorrow. In the year where we have a lot of beautiful European contestants, it is a pity that most of them did not perform up to expectation and Greece simply emerges as the one to beat from this region. Not only she looks like a supermodel from head to toe, she also walks like one. Multiracial beauty Malaysia is a complete package. She has the beauty, she has the charisma, and she has the experience. One of the most talked contestant of the year, China is poised and elegant but also sultry and seductive at the same time. Her National Director also works really hard to support her before and during the pageant. Combined both factors, and don't be too surprised to see her as the first Miss Universe from this communist country. Venezuela shows us why her country is worthy a pageant powerhouse status with a very strong performance on the preliminary. In our opinion, she is the best one in the preliminary and if the whole competition is decided based on preliminary performance alone, the winner, undoubtedly, is her.

However, our feeling says it's time for USA to be crowned Miss Universe. Yes, she made a horrible choice of gown and yes, her body is too skinny to exemplify the concept of healthy body. But if she, somehow, could survive until the Top 5 round tomorrow, she could easily won the crown by giving a strong answer during the Q & A round. After all there are a lot of examples over the past year (looking at you Stefania Fernandez), where a candidate who barely survived each round competition, surprisingly turned the table in the Top 5 round and suddenly became the winner. Alyssa Campanella could do that. Plus the timing is totally perfect. In the Diamond Anniversary edition of Miss Universe, wouldn't it be lovely to see the crown returns to the country where it all begins ... the USA. And that's why, we once again put Campanella in the top position of our Leaderboard.

So will our Final Leaderboard correctly predict the winner and finalists of Miss Universe 2011? Only time will tell. Just a few hours and the answer will be revealed to the universe. Stay tuned!

Special thanks to Yoppie Kurniawan, Inu Bahsalmasan, Tito Rusdin, Donny Christian, Purbo Ardhi, Zephend, Zefozie, and Surya Ganggawangsa for being part of the Leaderboard judges. And also thanks to the talented Yoghi Martino Yulian for the amazing banners for our Leaderboard!
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