Saturday, September 10, 2011

By Zephend, Ardi Kusuma, Fikriblast, and Ayus Wijaya

After watching both the LIVE streaming and recorded version of Miss Universe 2011 preliminary, our "expert" members finally make their choice for The Best and The Worst of Miss Universe 2011 swimsuit preliminary. Check out all the choice here and compare with your very own version. Is your choice the same as ours?

Best in Swimsuit

Collectively, the girls chosen for this category possess something in common, great body and great catwalk skill, two things you must have in order to ace the swimsuit round. They are indeed the best of the best for the night, but if we have to name a single contestant who stood out in this round, undoubtedly it is Venezuela. She is also our choice for The Best Body award for this year edition. A special recognition is given to China who, thanks to her long, beautiful, never ending legs, took the swimsuit round with a very elegant and alluring move. If there is justice in this world, then these ladies should earn a high score for their swimsuit presentation.



Costa Rica

Puerto Rico


Other contestants with good performance in Swimsuit :
Brazil, Greece, Malaysia, Philippines, Trinidad & Tobago

Worst in Swimsuit

Now moving on to the complete opposite of the group above. These girls suffer from lacking either one or both factors needed to perform well in swimsuit, a good body and a good catwalk. Most of them do not exude the concept of fitness in their body and even worse, their performance is too weak to allure people to love their presentation. The only reasons these girls can make the Top 16 are either a miracle happened or by the virtue of the online voting.



Sri Lanka


Turks & Caicos

Other contestants with weak performance in Swimsuit :
Guam, Guyana, New Zealand, Nigeria, St Lucia

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