Friday, September 2, 2011

The first and half week of competition have passed. We have seen the arrivals, the candids, the glam shoots, and the web interviews. Now that we have seen more from the contestants, it's time to release the second set of our faves. This second Leaderboard consists of 16 girls that we think should be in the Top 16 for now, plus some other girls who receive honorable mention as the "bubbling up" girls .... check them all here!

The Top 16 Leaderboard
1. USA
2. Costa Rica
3. China
4. Albania
5. Netherlands
6. Brazil
7. Peru
8. Australia
9. Venezuela
10. Greece
11. Angola
12. Trinidad & Tobago
13. Ukraine
14. Malaysia
15. Switzerland
16. Kosovo

While the "bubbling up" girls in alphabetical order are Argentina, Egypt, Finland, France, Indonesia, Israel, Philippines, and Puerto Rico.

The biggest jumpers in this Leaderboard are Brazil who comes out of nowhere to 6th place and Peru who jumps from 20th place in the previous Leaderboard to the 7th place. On the other side Kosovo falls from 3rd place to the 16th place, while Panama, even worse, falls from 4th place into nowhere. The top position on the Leaderboard, however, remains unchanged. USA (also voted by our members as the best in Glam Shoot) is still the one to beat, followed by Costa Rica (also voted by our members as the best in Close Up), China, Albania, and Netherlands.

So what do you think about our Leaderboard? Don't worry because it is not the final one yet. There are still a long journey ahead, and expect a lot of changes and surprises to happen during the final week of the competition. Until then ... stay tuned!

Special thanks to Yoghi Martino Yulian for the amazing banners for our Leaderboard!

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