Saturday, September 10, 2011

By Zephend, Ardi Kusuma, Fikriblast, and Ayus Wijaya

After watching both the LIVE streaming and recorded version of Miss Universe 2011 preliminary, our "expert" members finally make their choice for The Best and The Worst of Miss Universe 2011 evening gown preliminary. Check out all the choice here and compare with your very own version. Is your choice the same as ours?

Best in Evening Gown


Hail to this Olympian Goddess! After the preliminary, Ilana is undoubtedly the best hope from the old continent to conquer the universe. Her amazing performance is a reminiscence of her predecessor ten years ago, Evelina Papantoniou. And like Evelina too, Ilana is more than ready to bring back the powerhouse status to this beautiful Mediterranean country.


Debby is a true example that true beauty never fades even after years pass by. In 2007, she competed at Miss World and ended up as semifinalist. Now after four years, she is back and looking better than ever. Her superb performance in that alluring blue gown obviously will shut the people who previously criticized her for being "too old". Interestingly, two of her fellow semifinalists at Miss World 2007, Ada Aimee and Yendi Phillips ended up as First Runner Up at the last two editions of Miss Universe. With such a great performance, Debby may follow their footsteps or even surpass them, becoming the Miss Universe this year.


The gown itself is not too flattering for us, but the way Natalie struts in it make us fall in love. She should also thanks whoever responsible for her styling that night because it works like magic. She looks absolutely poised and elegant, a true epitome of classic beauty.

Puerto Rico

It's not easy to evoke sensual and elegant persona at the same time, and that's Viviana performance of the night was truly stand out. She also makes a smart choice of gown, a unique but beautiful design that will draw people attention towards her instantly. The placement streak for this Caribbean country should certainly continue this year with Viviana.


Viva Venezuela! And Viva Vanessa too! While Vanessa is not as beautiful as her predecessor last year, Marelisa Gibson, she has something that Marelisa lacks of .... charisma. Beauty is absolutely an important thing in beauty pageant, but it means nothing without the charisma, and that is the case of Vanessa. it's hard not to fall in love with her after such a charismatic performance. She takes the preliminary stage by storms and in the opinion of our "experts", she is indeed the Queen of the night.

Other contestants with good performance in Evening Gown :
China, France, Mexico, Philippines, Ukraine

Worst in Evening Gown


If she tries to make a fashion statement, then it's mission accomplished. The gown obviously stood out ... in a very wrong way. It's totally ugly and tacky to the max. The worst gown of the night.


The gown is alright but the performance is totally weak. She failed to make any good impression and will be totally forgotten among a lot of stronger competitors.


A simple math. A weak performance combined with a bizarre choice of gown equals ....
"Sayonara Top 16!"

New Zealand

The super big massive huge red gown is not only a total eyesore, it also limits her options to make a good maneuver with her catwalk and consequently limits her chance to make an impact. Guess the Kiwi nation must wait for another year.


What the heck are you thinking Romania? While she is not a strong contender, she is actually one of the dark horse and could possibly make a surprise. But all that chance suddenly vanished into thin air when she decided to wear that ugly number, featuring a large unnecessary lime green ribbon on the bubble gum pink gown. Bad ... bad ... bad decision.

Other contestants with weak performance in Evening Gown :
Botswana, El Salvador, St Lucia, Tanzania, Turks & Caicos

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