Monday, October 3, 2011

After the competition kicked off last week, the main factor in determining the list for the second Manhunt International 2011 Leaderboard has been shifted. If previously, the list is made based on our impression of the contestants pre-arrival pictures, mainly the fashion shoot ones, now it is the candid pictures of the contestants. While fashion shoot is a good indicator to see which one of the contestants is photogenic, the candid picture is even more important as it will show which contestants indeed has the good look and not just "Mister Photo-shop-genic". The candid photos also help us to see if the contestant has charisma in everyday activities. Therefore, we always make most of our choice based on the candid pictures.

And for the second Leaderboard, here is the 16 guys that we think should be on the top of the competition at the moment!

The Leaderboard
1. Brazil
2. Lebanon
3. Belgium
4. South Africa
5. Costa Rica
6. Bulgaria
7. Algeria
8. Greece
9. Venezuela
10. Indonesia
11. China
12. Vietnam
13. Poland
14. Slovak Republic
15. India
16. Slovenia

Brazil remains as the top of our choice. At this point, based on both fashion and candid photosm, he is the one to beat. His competitions come from Lebanon and Belgium, both with their own strength (Lebanon with his manly handsome look while Belgium with his boyish cute look). Bulgaria jumps from eleventh place in the previous Leaderboard to one step behind the Top 5 this time. This man has a very great physique and is the strongest contender for Mister Physique (Best Body) award. Another rising star in this Leaderboard, are Vietnam, a very cute and ubiquitous young man (he appears in most of the candid photos released so far!) and South Africa, an epitome of the classic definition of manly beauty.

So that's all for now. We will publish our final list of Leaderboard shortly before the final. And not just that, we will also choose our own version of Manhunt Continental Kings, the best contestant from each region! Stay tuned!

Special thanks to Yutha Diantra for the amazing banner!
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