Thursday, September 8, 2011

The penultimate Leaderboard for Miss Universe 2011! Tomorrow we will see the girls grace the stage for the ever important preliminary but before that let's take a look on the girls that we think have consistently performed really well and impressive on various occasions for the past two weeks. They have done everything right to keep themselves on the front runner position and if they nail the preliminary tomorrow as well, expect them to be called as a semifinalist on 12 September! Here we go the 16 fiercest ladies for the moment, in our opinion ....

The Top 16 Leaderboard
1. USA
2. Costa Rica
3. China
4. Netherlands
5. Venezuela
6. Albania
7. Brazil
8. Australia
9. Peru
10. Greece
11. Trinidad & Tobago
12. Malaysia
13. Angola
14. Ukraine
15. Finland
16. Puerto Rico

While the "bubbling up" girls in alphabetical order are Argentina, France, Indonesia, Israel, Kosovo, Panama, Philippines, and Switzerland.

The strongest group of contestants this year, undoubtedly, comes from the Americas. In fact there are 3 girls from this continent that we think have a strong chance to be crowned as 60th Miss Universe on the final night. These 3 front runners are USA, Costa Rica, and Venezuela. Brazil, despite all the buzz about her rumored bad attitude, has performed very well so far and should be included in the Top 16, especially with her status as the home turf. However, we think (and wish) she would not win the crown. Other possible surprises from the Americas are Peru, Argentina, Panama, and Nicaragua.

Another continent with a strong group of contestants is Asia Oceania. Strong contenders China, Malaysia, and Australia are expected to be included among the Top 16. This region also offers some other beautiful girls such as Philippines (who seems to be loved by Miss Universe organization), Indonesia, Japan, and Korea who are currently beaming as the dark horses and could pull a pleasant surprise like Jessica Scheel from Guatemala did last year.

A not so good news comes from the old continent, Europe. Despite having a lot of ultra beautiful contestants, the European girls did not perform as they were expected this year. Perhaps it's due to their lack of charisma, perhaps it's due to their lack of spontaneity. Regardless, they lack something that makes their beauty slowly faded time over time. While we still expect to see some Europeans among the Top 16, the only European girl with a real shot at Miss Universe crown this year is Netherlands, and that's about it.

So what do you think about our Leaderboard? Don't worry because it is not the final one yet. There are one last final Leaderboard, released after we asses the girls performance on the preliminary tomorrow. Until then ... stay tuned!

Special thanks to Yoghi Martino Yulian for the amazing banners for our Leaderboard!
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