Sunday, November 17, 2013

Not only pictures, our trip with Mister International 2013 contestants to Safari Park Indonesia also helps us to learn some personal stories about them. Check out these stories after the jump!

First up meet Gianni Sennesael, the Belgian representative, who has competed in 3 other pageants before. He was 2nd Runner Up Manhunt International 2011, Top 10 Mr World 2012, and 1st Runner Up Men Universe Model 2013. When asked about his secret of success, he humbly answered "I'm just being myself and enjoy the event".

Mister Bolivia David Fernando is a 21 years old man with a lot of sunny smiles. He loves to smile to everyone!

Mister Indonesia Albern Sultan was so excited to explain and answer any questions regarding his beloved nation, from the ancient heritage immortalized in the Museum, to the exotic local fauna at the Safari Park, to the traffic situation in metropolis Jakarta.

Mister Colombia Mario Lora is a funny and witty guy who loves joking. In the picture you can see him posing with a statue of Indonesian local animal, Komodo dragon.

Mister Malaysia James Ng was interested to try Indonesian herbal medicine known as "jamu". He is another cheerful contestant from Asia.

In every pageant we always have the one who is virtually "here, there, everywhere". This time that title goes to Mister Slovak Republic Michal Gajdošech who loves camera as much as camera loves him. Luckily he always looks smashing good in all of his pictures.

Mister Macau Nuno Wong and Thailand Woraphop Klaisang were the best of buddies. During the safari trip, they lingered everywhere together. Out of this pair, Nuno is the cheerful one while Woraphop is the quiet one.

If there was an award for Mister Cute, then in our honest opinion, the award should be easily won by Mister El Salvador Jorge Panameño.

Despite not too fluent in English, Mister Korea Jae Hyuk Kim is not hesitant to mingle with other contestants. His secret - a doze of self confidence and the universal language of smile :)

Mister Brazil Jhonatan Marko pictured with a small Komodo dragon toy. Jhonatan is one of the most friendly and cheerful contestant this year. His dedication to the contest is shown as he took an intensive English course prior to his departure to Indonesia so that he can easily communicate with other contestants, Indonesian people, and most importantly - the judges

Mister Dominican Republic Jhonatan Checois not only a hunk with a body to die for, he also has a golden heart. When a restaurant waiter accidentally dropped a spoon, Jhonatan was not hesitant to help the waiter to pick the dropped spoon.

Mister Venezuela Jose Paredes has a good sense of camera-alertness. He is always ready whenever camera tries to capture him.

Lunchtime with Mister Russia, USA, and India

Mister Russia Maksim Sorochinskiy while looking for souvenir, accompanied by his mother.

Mister Venezuela always tries to answer every question in English. But whenever he stumbles upon a word, fellow Venezuelan Julio Rodriguez from Belleza Venezolana always comes to the rescue.

Photos by : Nursasongko
Article by : Nursasongko

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