Tuesday, November 26, 2013

As part of our coverage and celebration of Mister International 2013 season, our community Indonesian Pageants invited our fans at Indonesian Pageants Facebook Page to participate in a public vote to decide which one of the 38 Mister International 2013 contestants deemed as their favorite. After a 10 day-long poll, the results are in. Their votes were then combined with the choice of our admin team. And the winners are ...

First Place : CZECH REPUBLIC - Antonin Beranek

Second Place : INDONESIA - Albern Sultan

Third place : BRAZIL - Jhonatan Marko

All three winners receive a commemorative plaque each, but only the first place winner receive a special "This is The Man" trophy. Inspired by the Indonesian local culture of wayang, the trophy is created in a shape of  a wayang male protagonist of Kreshna, a figure known for his knighthood, bravery, honesty, and wisdom, all of which are characteristics of a true gentleman.

"This is The man" trophy inspired from wayang figure

Congratulaitons to all three winners, especially Mister Czech Republic Antonin Beranek. We would express our gratitude for the memories we have shared during the Mister International 2013 days and wish you a very good luck for your future endeavours!

This is the man! Antonin Beranek from Czech Republic

Antonin Beranek with members of Indonesian Pageants admin team

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