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As a tribute to Mister International 2012 Ali Hammoud on his final day of reign, we have a very special interview article with him which was conducted during his last visit to Indonesia last July. Check it out after the jump!

Having a 30 minute chance to talk with Ali Hammoud, the reigning Mr. International 2012 was really fun for Indonesian Pageants (IP). Ali who was born on October 5th, 1989 was really smart and very determined guy. He finished his bachelor and master degree at the Lebanese University, studying Computer Science. He loves mathematics and wants to take Phd in the future however this doesn't make him a math geek. He was always an athletic person, playing football with his friends while he grew up and got a chance to be professional football player in his country. Nevertheless, the destiny turned his life around when he joined Mr. Lebanon 2012 and won. He represented his country in Mr International and once again destiny brought him the title and sash of Mr International 2012. Through his success, he aspires to inspire people to have healthy life style. He has so many things plan for the future with the focus of expanding his own company in Web Development and having his own television show. Let's get to know Ali Hammoud a bit more below.

Three words that describe you?
Honest person, Hardworking and Self Confidence.
Since winning Mr. International 2012, how many countries have you been visiting? is there any country in particular that you would like to visit?
Well, If I count and tell you all about it, I am afraid it will drain the battery of your recorder ha ha... I have been to a lot of countries. I likes to travel a lot, even before I became Mr. International. This is part of what I do now, traveling around, trying to influence people, inspire everyone to have a healthy life style. I am enjoying it. A country I'd like to visit would be UK, I want to see London. Related to flight, I want to do something, watching Real Madrid. I love soccer and Real Madrid.
Have you ever been  to Indonesia before?
 A lot of people have asked me this same question. No, it is actually my first time here. I have heard about indonesia but just about the food it provides which is good. I also heard it have a good tourism spots. Then I come here, and I heard that this country has one hundred thousand islands. There's Bali and also other places to go. The people are welcoming, warm and nice. I like it more. This is what I have found about Indonesia. 
You heard about the good food in Indonesia. How do you find it so far?
Well. I have been here only three days, so I didn't have a chance to taste a lot of food. But what I did had so far, I liked it. I remember only one out of around ten dishes that I have tried, it's called Satay? It's grilled meat with peanut butter sauce. I also like the yellow rice that was built like a pyramid. (IP thinks Ali meant for Tumpeng).

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
5 years from now, I can see my self in more than one places. I opened my own company a year ago and right now I just opened a branch in Dubai. I am expecting my company to expand more and more after five years. I also could see myself have my own TV show, where I will be a host for a program that will influence others.

If you could change a past, what would it be?
Well, Something that I wish I could do probably about sad thing happened to one of my best friend. I lost him in a car accident. I was in the same car with him. I was lucky nothing happened to me. But I wish I could do something about it to help him. I always pray for him. (IP condolences goes to Ali's friend, May he rest in peace)

What's your handsome secret?
Hmm.. you should ask this question to my parents ha ha... Actually i am the kind of person who doesn't really give importance to my look. I do the normal stuffs like brush teeth, comb hair that's its. I am a very simple man. I do care about my fitness and maintain my body though. I tried to go to gym  every day. Mostly four times a week or on busy week at least two times a week.  I also tried to eat healthy food most of the time and avoid the junk food.

What's the positive thing about male pageant?
The male pageant like Man International, L-Men of the Year didn't just about showing and showcasing handsome guy but more to that they want to find a guy who can inspire others, promoting healthy life style. This way we are helping others and also building a good society. I think this is the positive thing about male pageant.

Any interesting thing happened while you were in pageant? at Mr. Lebanon and then Mr. International 2012?
I always forget my stuff! ha ha.. In Mr. Lebanon I forgot my suit on the day i had to be on stage for final.  I finally get it seconds before i had to go on stage. It was bad because there was a rule that if you don't wear formal suit you can't be on stage. Then i wouldn't be Mr. International. On Mr. International, I also forgot, what I forgot was my flight. I had to do a lot of works a day before i left then I overslept. There... you could say i am a forgetful person somehow. he he..

What do you think about L-men of the Year 2013? 
L men as company and organizer are really working hard for this event. I met all the contestants. I think almost all the contestant deserved to win, most of them are twenty and already have good shape of body, they have the abs and also toned. I have talked to almost everyone, they also have good personality, so friendly, so welcoming. They have all they need to win this.

Let's go to personal question, What's your favorite movie?
Well, I am not so much a movie lover. I dont have a special movie but i like horror movie. But here's the funny thing, even though I like horror movie, up til now I haven't found a movie that makes me scared. I usually laugh while my friends got scared. I tried everything to get scared. I tried watching the movie in the dark, you know. Maybe there's something wrong with me ha ha ...

What's your favorite book?
My favorite book titled "the monk who sold his ferrari". I don't remember the name of the author but this book really is really good. it tells a story about a lawyer who worked too much. He spend his life on office didn't have time for his wife and family and friend. When he was old, he sell almost everything that he had and realize that he got nothing. No wife, child or friend. This books inspire me that we should always have time for ourself, for our family, for others. You should read it.

What were your weakness point?
It used to be my weakness point but not anymore. I used to trust everybody, now not anymore. Why? Well being nice person to everyone, friendly to everyone, you believe that everyone is your friend. But when you move, you found that they were talking behind you about you. Now I work on that side of me. To know how to trust a person in front of me, whether he/she is good or bad person. Another weakness point maybe my family. If anything happened to them, I would be very sad. I have two brothers, 21 yo and 15 yo. I always care about them. Maybe I care the most about my youngest brother besides my mom. I treat him like my child he he. 

Interview by : Joolz

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