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After a very strong batch in 2011 and 2012, this year Miss Universe leaves us with a relatively weaker batch. No one trully stands out and it seems the competition will end in a very close finish. Still there are some who shine a bit brighter than the rest and that's the reason why we put them here, in our Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard

First Place : Puerto Rico
Second Place : Spain
Third Place : Poland
Fourth Place : Israel
Fifth Place : Bolivia

Top 10 : Brazil, India, Italy, Ukraine, Venezuela
Top 16 : Czech Republic, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Russia, USA

Now let's talk about these girls based on their regional groupings. The top two contenders from Asia are Philippines and India. As the girl who was "everywhere" (she was picked to appear in almost all promotional events and activities of Miss Universe 2013), Philippines seems to be loved by the sponsors this year. Even if she is not among the top choice of preliminary judge, she still has a big chance to place due to Trump's Card effect. India may not be the prettiest girl in Asia region, but her performance on the preliminary was clearly the best from Asia. Korea on the other hand, may not be the best performer in the preliminary, but her celestial and angelic feature stands out among her regional peers. She ranks third among Asian delegate in our list. Then there is the exotic and unique beauty of Indonesia. If Miss Universe wants a fourth Asian delegate among their semifinal rooster, she is unarguably the best choice to fill the slot.

As much as we want to include an African delegate in this list, we have to realistically admit that the level of competitiveness among African delegate this year sinks below salvation. Fortunately there is a contestant who could pass as a representative of African beauty this year, tough she herself does not represent an African country. She is Israel, an African born girl who emigrated to and now representing the Middle East nation. She is the best Black girl this year and with her stunning tall ebony feature, she could go very far to the Top 5.

The strongest region this year is the host continent Europe. First we have Russia, the host girl who is almost guaranteed a spot in Top 16. To her credit, her performance this time in Miss Universe is a huge improvement than several months ago in Miss World, where she was totally negligible. Then we have Italy, the country where this year swimsuit sponsor Yamamay originated. And after their gracious (and sumptuous) gift of million dollar swimsuit, how could Miss Universe leave their country girl in the dust? Next on are three girls whom we think deserve to be on this list due to their sheer performance throughout the competition. Czech Republic is our sentimental favorite. She is super fun, lively and lovely, and her pixie cut hair makes her look totally fresh. Her preliminary performance, however, was not so good. Still we wish her great personality would leave a good impression with the judges and carry her to Top 16. These three have agood balance of facial beauty and strong performance in the preliminary, and they are Ukraine, Poland, and Spain.It's been a long while since a European wins this coveted title, and if Miss Universe finally wants to crown a European this year, we believe the crown should be given to one of these three girls.

And finally from Americas we have two classic powerhouses USA and Venezuela, both with solid enough performance to earn them a slot in the Top 16 or even more. Then we have Bolivia, one of the most beautiful Latina we have ever seen in any pageant. While her performance is not a total stand out, we wish her immaculate beauty would catapult her to the top spot. Brazil is a revelation that even if you were initially not a heavy favorite, a good preliminary performance could suddenly make you a crown contender. And finally from the Caribbean isle, we have our top favorite this year, Puerto Rico. The reason why we put her in the top is that because she is a complete package. She is pretty, no doubt about that, and her performance in preliminary was stellar. After watching the preliminary video over and over again, it is clear that she is the one who steals the most attention. This year is definitely the best chance for this country to win their seventh Miss Universe crown.

Stay tuned in just several hours we will find out who is Miss Universe 2013!

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Photos courtesy of : Miss Universe Organization

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