Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gallery of pictures from Mister International 2013 contestants visit to Safari Park Indonesia in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Check out the pictures after the jump!

The contestants in the bus.

Mister Slovak Republic and Sri Lanka posing happily with some stuffed animals.

Getting ready for safari!

The men and the elephant.

The safari trip took them not only to see some wonderful land creatures but also those underwater.

Mooooooo! The contestants are so excited to take a picture .... with a cow!

As they listened to the country music earlier, the contestants decided to take picture together in cowboy dance pose.

Mister Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Brazil, and Macau in a frame.

Mister Slovak Republic, Dominican Republic, and South Africa in a frame.

Latinas United! Mister Colombia, El Salvador, Venezuela, and Mexico in a frame.

Mister Canada and Philippines in a frame.

The contestants posing together with the casts of the Cowboy Show, one of the most popular attraction at the Safari Park.

The contestants posing together with the giant Mister International 2013 black banner.

Mister China, El Salvador, Venezuela, and Canada in a frame.

Lunchtime in the wild. 

Posing together (again!) before enjoying their meal.

Back from the wilds! The contestants back on the bus which will bring them back to Jakarta.

Photos by : Nursasongko
Article by : Nursasongko

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