Wednesday, November 20, 2013

If there is something that we say about Mister International 2013, it would be that this year we have no clear front runner. Unlike in several past editions when we had "the one to beat" - a crystal clear winner material - this year will be a very tough competition until the very end. Still we have to make the Leaderboard, and after considering several factors such as the physical look, charisma. and personality, we end up with our final list, as you can see after the jump!

The Leaderboard
1 Turkey
2 Belgium
3 Indonesia
4 Brazil
5 Czech Republic
6 Philippines
7 Slovak Republic
8 Puerto Rico
9 Chile
10 Spain
11 Lebanon
12 Venezuela
13 Peru
14 Slovenia
15 China
16 Sri Lanka

Now let's talk about these men based on their regional groupings. The top two contenders from Asia are Indonesia and Philippines. Being the host delegate, and with such a face which could be suitable for both commercial and high fashion segment, Indonesia seems to be on the right track to repeat their .strong finish in 2010 and 2011. While Philippines is the delegate with the best transformation since he was elected. When he was first named as the national winner in his country, we didn't even consider him as a contender. But now he is a silent killer who may, unsurprisingly, snatch the coveted title and complete Philippines domination in pageant area this year. The rest of Asian delegates are not too strong but we could still see one or two token Asian spots reserved for one these four countries China, Singapore, Sri Lanka, or Thailand.

European and Mediterranean delegates are once again very strong this year. Czech Republic is one of the most handsome man we have ever met in person. Slovak Republic has a charming boyish persona and a body to die for. Belgium is the Mister Personality of the competition. He is a very fun and friendly, and has this "magic" that he can easily impress people even in the first sight. There is no doubt that this is the reason behind his success in his three previous stints in pageantry. Turkey is the prototype of Mister International winner. Tall, tan, muscular, masculine, and very handsome. He could be the very first winner of his country. other strong contenders from the old continent are Italy, Lebanon, Slovenia, and Spain.

Now to the America and Caribbean, Brazil once again proves themselves as the God of male pageant by sending another stunner. We actually don't mind to see him winning but since his country has just won the competition 2 years ago, we doubt they will crown another Brazilian again in such a short period. Venezuela is a strong country in female pageant but very inconsistent in male pageant. Fortunately this time thwy send a good contestant with a good chance to make it very far. Peru and Puerto Rico both have great physique and experience in pageants, while Chile has a fever-inducing "Hot Papa" charisma. Other possible surprise from this region are Mexico and Dominican Republic.

Stay tuned in just a day we will find out who is Mister International 2013!

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Photos courtesy of : Belleza Venezolana

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