Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Aside from the capital city of Jakarta, the contestants of Mister International 2013 also visited the cultural city of Yogyakarta where they did a lot of fun activities, including a visit to the palace of Yogyakarta Sultan and learning how to make batik. Check out the gallery of their visit to Yogyakarta after the jump!

The contestants at the Sultan palace

Traditional dancers accompanying the contestants on their Gala Dinner

Mister Dominican Republic, Spain, Chile, and Puerto Rico

Before enjoying their meal, Mister China is getting interviewed

Mister Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Canada


Taking pictures with some traditional Javanese dancers

Another group photo time!

Taking pictures together

Mister Indonesia

Mister Mexico showing off his batik painting

Mister India and his batik

The contestants listening the instructions on how to make a batik printing

Mister Slovenia and his batik painting

Mister Belgium painted his batik seriously

Mister Greece and his batik painting

Photos by : IP Team Yogyakarta (Justinus, Wisnu, and Anditya)
Article by : IP Team Yogyakarta (Justinus, Wisnu, and Anditya)

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