Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our interview with Antonin Beranek, Czech representative at the upcoming Mister International 2013  in Indonesia. Check out the full interview after the jump!


• Full Name : Antonin Beranek
• Birth Date : 7th August 1990
• Age : 23
• Height : 185 cm
• Hometown : Brno, Czech Republic
• Fave Movie : Gladiator and Forrest Gump
• Fave Song : Angels by Robbie Williams
• Fave Actor/Actress : Adam Sandler / Mila Kunis
• Fave Musician : Robbie Williams and Bruno Mars
• Fave Book : Goal!
• Fave Quote : "My momma always said, „life was like a box of chocolates, You never know what you are gonna get." - Forrest Gump

1. Please tell us about yourself, your everyday life, and the city where you live! 
I'm friendly and smile person living in Brno which is the secong biggest city in Czech Republic. I like sport - football for example, after that I go to gym everyday and I keep healthy lifestyle.

2. What hobby or activities you usually do in your spare time? 
I go to a gym everyday or I do some sports with my friends - for example football, voleyball or another colective games and I go to school, cause I study commercial university in Brno.

3. What is the biggest dream or ambition in your life? 
Now I'm living my dream because I'd like to travel a lot - I want to see a lot of places and the first big trip is Indonesia - and in the future I want to have big and happy family.

4. Who or what is the biggest inspiration in your life? 
My biggest inspiration in my life is my mum because I appreciate how she looked after me and everything what she taught me to.

5. If you have to choose only one, which part of your body that you love the most? 
My eyes exactly. I have blue eyes but in my right eye I have a brown spot.

6. Do you believe in miracle? Why or why not? 
I believe in destiny

7. What is your signature style in fashion? Can you describe it for us?
I like fashionable but comfortable clothes. I weat jeans and just t-shirt at main. I spend a lot of time in sportswear because I'm very often in gym. On the other hand if I go for example to some society party I take my favourite suit with tie.

8. What makes you interested to join the Mister International 2013 competition? 
I'm very happy that I can go to the Indonesia because it was my dream to take a part in this competition. I'll see new country and I'll meet new people.

9. In your own opinion, what qualities should a Mister International winner possess? 
I think the winner should be kind, friendly and very comunicative person. He has to represent the Mister International as good as possible.

10. What do you look forward the most from Indonesia as the host of Mister International 2013? 
I'm looking forward to everything - get to know the history and the most to visit the safari and The Temple of Borobudur na Jogja and the final evening!

11. With only less than a month to go, what is your preparation for the upcoming Mister International 2013 competition? 
Yes, Mister International is coming... I train a lot at gym, I keep a special diet - but it's normal in my usual life. I practise English and I read something about Indonesia.

12. Some people say that pageant is superficial. What would you say to those people to prove that they are wrong and that there is also an important substance in pageant? 
They don't know what they are missing because I think there are a lot of interesting posts of pictures.

13. Last but not least, what is your message for all your fans in Indonesia? 
Hi guys, I'm there in one month! Thank you for your support! I'm looking forward to be in Indonesia at the final of Mister International. Many greeting to all. Your Mister Czech Republic - Antonin Beránek.

pecial thanks to Antonin for the amazing interview. We love it so much! Good luck and see you in Indonesia!

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