Friday, November 15, 2013

Gallery of pictures from Mister International 2013 first days in Jakarta. After arriving at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, the contestants stayed at Aryaduta Hotel for their first couple of days. They participated in video profile shoot, worked out their muscles at the gym, and some of them also even visited Plaza Semanggi shopping centre. Check out pictures from these activities after the jump!

Mister Thailand, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, and Bolivia upon their arrival at the hotel.

Mister Puerto Rico during leisure time at the hotel.

Mister Russia and his mother who accompanies him to Indonesia as his number one supporter during leisure time at the hotel.

Mister Lebanon showing off Minion toy he just bought while shopping in the afternoon.

Mister Indonesia and Singapore during leisure time at the hotel.

Mister Indonesia during leisure time at the hotel.

Mister Philippines during leisure time at the hotel after back from shopping.

The contestants listening to the instruction from the committee staff regarding their schedule and activities for the following day.

Mister Macau during video profile shoot on the poolside of Aryaduta Hotel.

Mister Lebanon posing for our camera during video profile shoot.

The contestants gathering at the Aryaduta pool area for their video profile shoot. For this shoot, the contestants were wearing black, blue, or orange shirts with traditional Indonesian motif of "mega mendung" (literally means dark cloud).

 Mister Philippines during video profile shoot.

Mister Malaysia during video profile shoot.

Mister Macau, Costa Rica, and Peru posing for the camera!

Mister Macau, China, Lebanon, Costa Rica, and Slovenia during video profile shoot.

Photos by : Adit
Article by : Adit and Irwasyah

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