Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mister World 2012 will feature 5 different challenge events whose winners are guaranteed spots in semifinal round. With semifinal spot at stake, obviously it is an important and exciting aspect in the competition. Here, we are trying to predict who will likely come up triumphant in each event. And here they are our prediction for Mister World 2012 Challenge Event winners!
Sport Challenge

Winner prediction : Philippines
First of all, Mister Philippines plays rugby for his country national team. Second, he is is the winner of the penalty shoot-outs contest, scoring more goals than his competitors. And finally, he also comes up as the best in sprinting event. Yes, it is true that he has some difficulties during the swimming portion of the challenge (he was reportedly almost drowned on the swimming pool), but he makes up big time at the other two events.In the end, it would be a very close call between him and his toughest competition, Mister Ireland, a professional swimmer who also performed really well. But for this time we are going with the Philippines.

Close calls : Ireland

Extreme Sport Challenge

Winner prediction : Croatia
This would be another tough competition between Mister Croatia and Mister Colombia. After performing well at the classic traditional Olympic-styled sport challenge, these two also perform really well and neck-in-neck at the "bring it to a whole new level" military-styled extreme sport challenge. In the end, we predict Croatia as the winner for his gymnastic background. Being a gymnast, he surely has the strength, agility, and flexibility to move pass the assault course quickly as he proved by breaking the time record for 
the wayer course section of the challenge.

Close calls : Colombia

Multimedia Challenge

Winner prediction : Venezuela
For this year Multimedia round, the contestants were asked to travel to Canterbury and made a special presentation about the city, its history, and its culture via their social media. Tons of photos and videos have been uploaded and there are several presentations that catch our attention, but the one that we like the most, therefore we predict it to win, belongs to Mister Venezuela. Aside from the detailed explanation, Venezuela's presentation also covers a wide variety of subjects and topics, and he even includes local people in his presentation (we love you Peter), giving it a more interactive touch.You can see his whole presentation on his official Facebook fanpage.

Close calls : South Africa and Colombia

Talent Challenge

Winner prediction : England
Historically Miss World Organization favors singers as their talent champion. That fact alongside his status as a host delegate, will give England, who displays vocal skills for his talent, as a fave contender for this year title. Talent-wise England also proves his musicality and creativity as the song that he performs is written by himself and he sings it while playing a guitar. His only problem is there are also 3 other singers among the group that his talent could be considered as too generic and not unique.

Close calls : Canada, Venezuela, and Vietnam

Fashion & Style Challenge

Winner prediction : Mexico
Borrowing Tyra Banks's word, this guy is perfect from head to toes. Good-looking, physically buffed, and he has good sense of fashion too. According to Mister World website, the winner of this event will be determined on Final night after a fashion show with all contestants participating took place. In that case, we predict Mexico, with his handsome face, manly charisma, good style, and tall supermodel-esque figure, as the one to beat for this title.

Close calls : Philippines, Colombia, Malta, and Russia

Now how about yourself? Who is your fave to win each Challenge Events? Don't be shy to share and stay tuned for Mister World 2012 Grand Final on 24 November 2012 to find out who will be the actual winners of each Challenge Events!

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