Monday, November 5, 2012

Our first set of favorites for the currently ongoing male Grand Slam pageant, Manhunt International 2012. There are 53 contestants competing this year, from which we have selected the hottest 15, as you can see below!

The Leaderboard
1. Sweden
2. Philippines
3. Greece
4. Turkey
5. Bahamas
6. Lebanon
7. South Africa
8. Bosnia & Herzegovina
9. Singapore
10. Indonesia
11. Swizerland
12. Thailand
13. Malaysia
14. Australia
15. Mongolia

Looking at the list above, you can see that most of our faves are the South East Asian delegates. Indeed the contestants from this region are very strong this year. Philippines is everything that you seek from a true gentleman - tall, elegant, and charming. Indonesia is very photogenic and exudes a lot of sex appeal. Singapore is not only good looking but also blessed by a Greek God sculptured body. Europe also comes very strong with Sweden on the top of the pack. Handsome, manly, and super smart (he is currently studying for his Master degree), he has what it takes to bring the second Manhunt International title back to his homeland.

Our hot faves also include the super sexy and ultra handsome cocoa-skinned Bahamas, whom we believe should be among the top finishers this year. Australia, a contender for Mister Physique award, also steals our attention with his well defined eight-packs.Completing the list is representative from the African continent, South Africa, enlisted among our faves as we love his sunny smiles on his various candid pics.

Some of you may find this Leaderboard as strange as we do not enlist any contestant from the American continent, while historically contestants from this continent have always placed in each edition. Well frankly, we don't find American delegates this year as strong as the previous years. In fact this may be the weakest batch of American contestants in the history of this pageant. However we still keep some of them in our "bubbling up" list and they may jump into the list for our final Leaderboard.

So that's all for now .... how about yourself? Who is your fave for Manhunt International 2012?

Special thanks to Yutha Diantra for the gorgeous banner!

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