Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Who will be Manhunt International 2012?" Guess that is the question that every pageant fan is having in their mind now. With only a day before the big final, each of us has our very own faves, but in the end only one can win. So who will that be? Well, we may not be a clairvoyant, but we may offer you our version of answer for that question in this Final Leaderboard for Manhunt International 2012!

The Leaderboard
1. Sweden
2. Philippines
3. Bahamas
4. Puerto Rico
5. Thailand
6. Turkey
7. USA
8. Bosnia & Herzegovina
9. India
10. Singapore
11. Indonesia
12. Greece
13. Lebanon
14. Australia
15. Colombia

 Even in a sea of handsome men, Sweden is a clear standout. He has handsome face, great body, impressive academic background, and warm personality. Truly everything that you need from a role model  His closest rival would be Philippines, another hot contender and mega fave for the crown, and perhaps the best Filipino delegate ever in any male pageant history. We also love Bahamas, the sexy cocoa-candy of the competition, and possibly our first ever black Manhunt International winner ever.

Thailand holds the advantage of the home turf, as history has told us, in the past 7 editions the home delegate made the Top 5 finish as many as 3 times, and this year could be another continuity of the trend. USA is cute but also sexy at the same time while Bosnia & Herzegovina, though his body is not as defined as the other faves, has one of the most expensive fave in the competition.

Singapore has earned his way to the semifinal through internet voting and he may as well bag the award for the best body this year. Indonesia may be petite but he is very photogenic and oozing a lot of sex appeal. Also don't count out Greece, another fave packed with a blessed combination of handsome face and chiseled body, and Australia with his delicious eight-packs body (yes it's eight not six!).

So that's our Final choice for this year Manhunt International edition .... how about yourself? Who ido you think will win Manhunt International 2012?

Special thanks to Yutha Diantra for the gorgeous banner!

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  1. Agree w/leaderboard overall! Think Singapore and BiH are also very competitive and should be placed higher on the leaderboard.


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