Friday, November 23, 2012

With only one day before the Grand Final of Mister International 2012, here is our final list of favorites for the pageant .... check it out after the jump!

The Leaderboard
1. Ireland
2. Lebanon
3. Slovenia
4. Brazil
5. Thailand
6. Czech Republic
7. Serbia
8. Indonesia
9. Singapore
10. Venezuela
11. Turkey
12. Malaysia
13. China
14. Sweden
15. Haiti
16. Philippines

In our opinion, Mister International 2012 title should belong only to one of these 6 contestants we dub as "The Stunning Six" : Brazil, Czech Republic, Ireland, Lebanon, Serbia, and Slovenia. These six are on a level above the rest of other contestants and if the competition is fair, should get high placement tomorrow. Out of these six, we are particularly impressed with Ireland for his expensive high fashion face and top model aura and Lebanon for his pure masculine handsomeness and hot body. We really hope to see those 2 as the last 2 men standing tomorrow.

Although he may not be as strong as "The Stunning Six", Thailand, with his fair look, tall figure, and most importantly home turf status, may go very far in this competition, perhaps even as far as a Top 5 finish. After 2 years sending oriental look delegates, Indonesia sends a completely different yet equally attractive delegate this year -  a dark exotic man with a touch of Middle Eastern look. His best asset is his photogenic face which appeals to any camera lens. Turkey is a unique combination of both boyish and manly vibe. He is also undeniably attractive and should also make the cut.

For the last 2 years, Mister International has always reserved a spot for black delegate, and assuming the trend continue this year, the spot seems to be reserved for Haiti, the best black delegate this year. Philippines made the cut by winning the fan voting last year and we predict history will repeat itself this year.

 So that's our Final choice for this year Mister International edition .... how about yourself? Who ido you think will win Mister International 2012?

Special thanks to Yutha Diantra for the gorgeous banner!

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