Monday, November 12, 2012

Mr World 2012 will run from the 9th of November for two weeks, with the Grand Final in front of a live audience taking place on the 24th of November.


Hosting the contestants is Tudor Park, A Marriot Hotel & Country Club, a contemporary hotel nestled in a 200-acre park deep in the garden of England. With top range facilities and glorious scenery, it is the perfect place for our contestants to compete at the highest level.

This year’s competition is set to be the most exciting ever, and is being filmed as a 6 part television series, due out early next year. Each episode will consist of a series of tests, culminating in a final event where those who were the best in the preliminaries battle it out to be named winner of that challenge. The five challenges are as follows :

(to be held on Friday, 16th November 2012)

In our first challenge, the contestants will begin by being put through their paces over our preliminary assault course. This short course will test the mettle of the contestants, and will see them travel across a set of challenging obstacles, including wading waist deep through a treacherous bog full of mud, pulling themselves out and taking on the tire walls, keeping their balance over the high beams, and digging deep into their strength reserves to haul themselves over the rope wall. Those who make it into the top 10 will then face the daunting full assault course. Split into several sections, this challenge takes no prisoners. Taking on land, water, and height disciples, they will face higher obstacles and more harsh conditions. They will be plunging through icy cold rivers, struggling up the banks before having to drag themselves through the ground hugging netting. With no respite, they will abseil down steep banks, climbing back up through narrow funnels before descending into the labyrinthian ‘Maze of Doom’, where a single wrong turn could spell disaster, meeting a dead-end, and having to back-track at double speed to avert elimination. Just when they think it’s over, a 2km final section will truly test the endurance and spirit of the contestants as they race for the finishing post. This epic encounter will find out who is the Extreme Challenge champion, and sets the tone of the competition.

(to be held on Tuesday, 13 November 2012 and Thursday, 15 November 2012)

It’s the survival of the fittest; a test of skill and dexterity, as the contestants take on our tests of athletic ability to determine who will reach the final challenge. The top contestants will go on to our Olympic series of events, the golf challenge, and a penalty shoot-out, to prove they are indeed the fittest of them all. Expect sporting disciplines which will challenge a full array of skills, from hand eye co-ordination, controlled strength, focus, concentration, and athletic ability.

(to be held on Monday, 12 November 2012 and Sunday, 18 November 2012)

For this challenge, the contestants will be brought to London for the day, tooled up only with their cameras and mobile phones. Their brief: to make the news in London! The contestants will be tasked with turning their Facebook and Twitter pages into “rolling news” portals; engaging the world with their endeavors across the capital. Using their intelligence, initiative, and ingenuity, they will have to put their impression on the day’s events of a bustling city, putting their own spin on what they find out. A fully interactive event YOU can help decide the winner, engaging with the social media of the budding news reporters. Marks will be awarded for originality, presentation, and the quality of the reporting.

(to be held on Saturday, 24 November 2012)

Our fourth challenge for the contestants will determine who has the most style. Spending time with a selected team of professional stylists, the competitors will be assessed on the way they dress and the way they hold themselves. Those who are deemed the most stylish will then be taken away, have their image worked on by the stylists, and sent out to a special event. The winner will be chosen at the Final of the competition, with a fashion parade of all our contestants taking place in front of the live audience.

 (to be held on Saturday, 24 November 2012)

The final challenge will see the contestants showcase their talents; showing us what makes them special. With a huge array of skills in this year’s competition, from magic to martial arts, singing to soccer skills, it is sure to be a memorable challenge. Those who win through to the final of this challenge will be trained by industry professionals to hone their skills, and prepare them for performance of a lifetime to a huge worldwide audience.

(to be held on Saturday, 24 November 2012)

Our live final, taking place on the 24th of November, will be an evening of many surprises, including the finale to both the talent and stlye/fashion challeges. This is the last chance for the contestants to impress the judges before the final 10 is announced. The final evening will be presented by Myleene Klass,who will be joined by several special guests, as we count down towards revealing the world most desirable man. Watch out for our new feature this year; a selection panel of previous winners of Mr World who will be putting the top 3 contestants under the microscope, with the opportunity to eliminate one of them!

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