Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The second set of special awards for Miss Earth 2012 were announced yesterday with 3 awards presented to 2 lucky winners. Miss England Sahida Begum snatched one of the gold medal whilethe big winner of the day was Miss Turkey Ilknur Durasi who won the other two awards. She is now tied with Miss South Africa for the most gold medal wins. Congrats!

School Tour #1 "I Love My Planet" Challenge Award
The contestants visited Binangonan Elementary School at Rizal to educate the students there about the importance of clean environment and the sustainability of mother nature. The best "teachers" will be awarded with medals.

1. TURKEY - Ilknur Durasi
2. US VIRGIN ISLANDS - Whitney Carter
3. NETHERLANDS - Shauny Bult

"Dolphin Loves Freedom" Mural Painting Challenge Awards
The contestants creativity were tested as they had to recreate a mural with "Dolphin Loves Freedom" as the theme. They were divided into 2 groups and from each groups, the best 3 artists were chosen.

Group 1
1. ENGLAND - Sahida Begum
2. CZECH REPUBLIC - Tereza Fajksova
3. CRIMEA - Lyudmyla Kuzmina

Group 2
1. TURKEY - Ilknur Durasi
2.NEPAL - Nagma Shresta
3. AUSTRALIA - Jane Seymour

Congratulations once again to England and Turkey and  all other winners! For those who have not won, don't worry .. it's still a long ride to go!

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