Sunday, November 18, 2012

Even if it is not consistently held, Mister World is indeed, still one of the best male pageant in the terms of quality, contestants-wise and production-wise. This year edition is no exception. Though the number of contestants declines from the previous edition, the quality of the contestants is still on a very high level. We can even name more than 10 countries with a great chance of becoming the next Mister World. And after a very difficult deliberation, we finally come up with our first set of Leaderboard, as you can see below!

The Leaderboard
1 Malta
2. India
3. Venezuela
4. Russia
5. Mexico
6. Brazil
7. Philippines
8. South Africa
9. Colombia
10. Spain
11. Puerto Rico
12. Belgium
13. Italy
14. France
15. Bulgaria

This first Leaderboard reflects the fact that this year contest is dominated by entries from Europe and Americas, and therefore we have more faves from those two regions. Malta, with a Masters degree in Business Administration and a classic handsome face, speaks 5 languages and has won Male Model of the Year at a fashion awards ceremony, proving he is a perfect combination of brain and beauty, and wins our heart to be on the top of this Leaderboard. Also on the top packs of the Leaderboard are India, one of the best and the most handsome delegate ever sent from this Asian powerhouse country, and Venezuela, whose fame and vast experience in modeling has gained him a lot of buzz even prior to the start of the competition.

Latin contestants are famous for their sex appeal charm, and we have been charmed with a some of them, including Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Spain. With a charming persona of a sophisticated gentleman, Philippines also deserves a very high placement this time. Italy is a stunning Greek god prototype while Belgium stands out with his boyish and cute face.

It is important to note that this Leaderboard is made mostly based on our pre-arrival and first days impression of the contestants. As we will start to count in the contestant profile video and Fast Track results for the next Leaderboard, expect a major shakeups in the ranking. Until then .... stay tuned!

Special thanks to Yutha Diantra for the gorgeous banner!

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