Friday, October 28, 2011

One week has passed since the arrival of Miss World delegates in London. So what activities have they done so far? Check out the their journey in this part!

Edinburgh Arrival, Golf, and Castle Tour
London is not the only place that Miss World 2011 girls visited. They also get to taste Scottish delight by visiting Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. During their visit there, they resided at Crieff Hydro Hotel and participated in several interesting activities, including golfing at Gleneagles, and visiting some of the most iconic castles in Edinburgh, the Stirling Castle and the Edinburgh Castle.

Arrival at Crieff Hydro Hotel

As soon as the girls arrived, they received a very warm welcome from some bagpipes musicians in kilt

India, Botswana, People's Republic of China, Guadeloupe, Scotland, and Barbados enjoying the traditional bagpipes music

The two beautiful hostesses Scotland and England

Guatemala aims for her target

Girls, Golf, and Gleneagles!

A boogey for United States!

May the best golfer win!

Having fun at British School of Falconry

Wales and her falcon

Vietnam first time experience with a wonderful beast of nature

Ukraine just makes a new friend

Top 3 Miss World 2010 and Costa Rica in Stirling Castle

The girls listening to their guide

Barbados, Moldova, Romania, Bonaire, Bolivia, and Brazil with a tradiitonal guard of Stirling Castle

On the front fate of Stirling Castle

Taking pictures together with Edinburgh Castle as the background

Girls of Red Group posing together

Mexico and the famous cannon of Edinburgh Castle

The Irish Luck!

Edinburgh Arrival Video

Gleneagles Golf Trip Video

Stirling Castle Trip Video

Edinburgh Castle Trip Video

Stay tuned for the next part of Miss World 2011 continued journey in Edinburgh!
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