Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our coverage for Miss World 2011 kicks off with our first list faves for the 61th Miss World titleholder. Over the couple past months, we have observed the potential winner for Miss World as the delegates were chosen, one by one. Now that the rooster is complete, we finally make the decision and present the first Miss World 2011 Leaderboard!

The Leaderboard
1. Ireland
2. United States
3. Colombia
4. Sweden
5. India
6. Venezuela
7. Hungary
8. Australia
9. Trinidad & Tobago
10. Georgia
11. Uruguay
12. Puerto Rico
13. Slovakia
14. Brazil
15. Angola
16. Guatemala
17. Kazakhstan
18. France
19. Ethiopia
20. Bonaire
21. Vietnam
22. Canada
23. Malta
24. Mexico
25. Peru

Before we talk about the faves, let's talk about the Leaderboard design itself. The Leadeboard for Miss World 2011 is comprised of two parts. The top part features five extra boxes, one for each Fast Track winner. Right now the boxes are still empty, but as the winners of Fast Track announced, the boxes will be gradually updated with picture of each winner. The bottom part is, arguably, the more important part of the two, as it shows the pictures of our fave contestants, which will be discussed below.

Now into the faves! Miss World has always been associated with Europe, it was first held in Europe, most of its winners come from Europe, and it is very popular in Europe. Therefore, it's not too surprising if most of the times, Europe dominates the fave list. But in this Leaderboard, the region with the most names on the list is Americas. With 9 countries in the list, Americas leads the pack, tough one of them, Canada, is half Asian. Stunners from this group include United States, who could possibly make a back-to-back victory for her country, and Colombia. Not far behind those two are Venezuela and Uruguay. Other delegates with strong chance to make the cut from this region are Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and Honduras.

However Europe is still a force to reckon with. In fact, despite Americas domination, the top position on the list still belongs to a European lady, Ireland. Her closest rival is Sweden, whose demure and graceful beauty has made fans around the world predicting her as the next Miss World. Georgia sent their best delegate since their debut in 2003 and she should be in too. Last but not least, Hungary, a country that has never been placed in Miss World semifinal since their debut in 1989, could make their first placement or even win it all this time.

Outside from these two big regions, there are other possible contenders for the crown. India has won Miss World five times and this year, with such a stunning delegate, could be their sixth crown. Trinidad & Tobago and Bonaire are two exotic Caribbean Black Barbies from while Angola and Ethiopia are their African counterparts. And finally we have Vietnam. The country has a good record at Miss World and it seems they have a very strong chance to continue the trend this time.

So there are our pre-arrival faves for Miss World 2011. As soon as the contestants arrived in London, we will make a new choice and update our list of faves. Until then stay tuned and don't forget to check out our blogs for updates and news of pageants around the world!

Special thanks to Yutha Diantra for the terrific banner!
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