Saturday, October 22, 2011

Culture vulture ... the moments that you have been waiting for has finally arrived! The national costume display of Miss International 2011! Do you have your fave already? Cause we certainly have and here they are our Top 5 fave national costume from Miss International 2011!

When it comes to national costume, Thailand is truly a front runner. The creative designers from this "White Elephant" country seems to have inexhaustible idea in creating design for national costume. This Manohra inspired costume, tough not an original idea, still excels in the execution. The intricate details, the golden nuances, and the colorful gemstones embedded make this costume a clear contender for Best National Costume award.

As a country with long history of arts and cultures, China, without a doubt, has a lot to offer in national costume department. And we are glad to see China appears not in the boring qipao dress again this time, but rather a mesmerizing costume inspired by the myth of Chinese vampire. The crimson color also fits this costume perfectly as it is not only the national color of China, but also the color of the true blood. Here she comes ... Queen of The Damned ... Chinese style!

Another country who loves to display extravagant fantasy costume. What we love from Honduras costume is not only the gargantuan size of this costume but also the color choice. The combination of blue and red in the costume reminds us to the union of two classic elements, fire and water. Freeze and flame ... all in one costume ... Honduras!

This costume seems like a Vietnamese interpretation of heavenly angel with those white feathers protruding here and there and the wings-like headdress. And yes Vietnam herself looks like an angel in this costume. Exotic yet elegant at the same time, this costume is also another strong contender for Best National Costume award.

Whether this is a red falcon or a red eagle, a red hawk or a red phoenix, we will still love this costume. The design of the costume and its fiery choice of color truly makes whoever wears it looks like a burning bird. We have seen many bird inspired costume before but this costume still stands out from the others and that's why it is included in this list.

Photo source : Global Beauties
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