Wednesday, October 5, 2011

- Once Upon a Time in Korea -
Once upon a time, 48 handsome princes from all around the world were invited to the beautiful land of Korea. There, they must compete to become the ultimate King, the one that will rule them all. So who will prevail in the end? Follow their journey in our special chronicle for Manhunt International 2011 here!

Asian power ... united!

The 3 contestants with the last order alphabetically, Vietnam, Venezuela, and Turkey

Breakfast together!

Clap ... clap ... clap

The princes and the lucky princess

The beds look so comfy, especially with all those hot guys around

Take a bow Brazil!

Which one is yummier? The food or the men .. LOL

Bulgaria learned how to shoot an arrow at Yencheon archery club

The hard stone is not even a problem for Ireland!
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