Sunday, October 30, 2011

As usual, the second Leaderboard, released after the pageant started, brings a dramatic change from the first pre-arrival Leaderboard. After observing the candid pictures and the profile videos of each delegate, our judges have finally made our post-arrival faves. We have some girls slipping down and even disappearing from the list, we have newcomers and girls climbing up, and we have some girls who retain the same position from the previous Leaderboard. And here it is the second Leaderboard for Miss World 2011!

The Leaderboard
1. Ireland
2. Georgia
3. India
4. Venezuela
5. Puerto Rico
6. Sweden
7. United States
8. Hungary
9. Colombia
10. Honduras
11. Bonaire
12. Guatemala
13. Trinidad & Tobago
14. Australia
15. Slovakia
16. Jamaica
17. Kazakhstan
18. France
19. Uruguay
20. Scotland
21. England
22. Vietnam
23. Malta
24. Paraguay
25. Brazil

Fast Track Prediction
Sports : Paraguay

In addition of the regular Leaderboard, this time we also make our prediction on who we think should win each Fast Track events. The first of these events, Sports, was held last Monday. And based the girls performance in that event, we think, Paraguay, whom impressively topped both swimming and sprint running competition, should be awarded with the gold medal of Sports Fast Track.

Now into the Leaderboard! Mega favorite Ireland still retains the top position this time. Favored by many pageant fans and experts around the world for her celestial face, she is the one to beat in this competition. Georgia is getting more and more beautiful as the competition passes. Most of our judges have fallen head over heels for this Eastern European beauty, levitating her to the second place of our Leaderboard. India and Venezuela are both tied with five Miss World crowns each, and this year both nations have a very solid chance to add the sixth crown into their collection. Other girls who are really close to the winner circle are Hungary, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and United States.

While Canada, Mexico, and Peru are missing from this Leaderboard, we have some newcomers to replace their position. Among the newcomers are Honduras, Scotland, and England. We have been considering Honduras a potential candidate for quite a long time but it is not until the pageant started when we are finally certain that she deserves to be in this list. Miss World usually gives two or three spots to the girls representing the realm of United Kingdom, and being the best two from the realm this year, England and Scotland could easily snag those spots.

Unfortunately this Leaderboard does not include any representative from Africa. With the withdrawals of several African delegates due to Visa problem, including our two faves Angola and Ethiopia, we were left with only a few choices to pick from and at this point we still can not decide if any of them would make the cut. However the lack of black beauty from Africa is compensated by their Caribbean counterparts. We have so many black beauties from this region this year, such as Aruba, Bonaire, Jamaica, Martinique, Saint Bathelemy, and Trinidad & Tobago, and undoubtedly some of them should make the cut.

So that is our first impression for the post-arrival faves for Miss World 2011. The next list will be published after the list of Beach Beauty and Top Model finalists released. Both Fast track are good indicators to predict who would likely make the cut, so expect an even more dramatic change for the third Leaderboard! Stay tuned!

Special thanks to Yutha Diantra for the terrific banner!
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